‘Crazy Love’ Final Episode Recap: Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Finally Tie Their Knot

kdrama Crazy Love final episode
kdrama Crazy Love final episode
Credit: KBS

Kim Jae Wook and Krystal confirmed their feelings in the last episode of KBS’ Crazy Love. It ended on its highest ratings yet, achieving a nationwide viewership rating of 4.6%.

In the final episode, Noh Go Jin (played by Kim Jae Wook) successfully tracks down Secretary Jo (Seo Ji Hoo) with the help of Oh Se Gi (Ha Jun). Go Jin and Se Gi make amends for what had happened and slowly grow to understand each other’s inner wounds.

Baek Soo Young (Yoo In Young) goes to see Go Jin shortly after learning that he had a very tough time after breaking up with her. Then, they share a sincere apology through a deeper understanding of each other.

No Go Jin changes dramatically after what happened. He becomes a thoughtful and kind person who listens to his employees’ concerns to work out their problems together. He expresses his regrets to Lee Shin Ah (Krystal) by saying, “I used to live my life without realizing how precious the people around me are. So I had never gotten the chance to show my gratitude for them.”

Shin Ah becomes suddenly famous for her online lectures, where she gives lessons with her mask on. She then decides to work for Mirae Edu owned by Park Yang Tae (Im Won Hee), one of the many companies that gave her an offer.

Go Jin sincerely wishes her the best in her future endeavors as an instructor. He proposes to her with a ring he prepared for this very day. After getting married, he recalls the past and confirms his feelings for her, saying, “Lee Shin Ah, you are the miracle that made me madly fall in love.” The drama ends by showing their sweet wedding photos placed at their home.

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