Lee Kwang Soo Reacts Hilariously After Failing to Recognize His Girlfriend Lee Sun Bin’s Voice

Lee Kwang Soo girlfriend
Lee Kwang Soo girlfriend
Credit: tvN

Lee Kwang Soo failed to recognize his girlfriend Lee Sun Bin‘s voice, giving a big laugh.

Lee Kwang Soo, who guest appeared on tvN’s DoReMi Market, participated in a snack game that had the cast listen to OST songs to guess the drama titles. And one of the songs played was Lee Sun Bin’s “Dreamer,” OST for her hit drama Work Later, Drink Now.

As soon as the song was played, Lee Kwang Soo confidently yelled out, “My Mister,” obviously the incorrect answer, and everyone cracked up in disbelief. Then he added, “This song was released recently. I know this song.”

After getting hints from Boom, Shin Dong Yeop was the one to get the right answer. Swearing under his breath and shaking his head, Lee Kwang Soo sighed, “That’s why I know this song. Of course I know this song.”

Soon, the cast joked, “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Boom then chimed in, “Kwang Soo, do you even know who sang this song?” to which Lee Kwang Soo reluctantly replied yes. Seolhyun, Lee Kwang Soo’s co-star in the new drama The Killer’s Shopping List, added, “Really. It’s not even my song and I feel hurt.” Hearing everyone’s worries, Lee Kwang Soo said, “I listen to it every day.”

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