Park Hae Soo Says He Thinks He Is Considered as a “Villain” in the United States

Park Hae Soo netflix Yaksha
Park Hae Soo netflix Yaksha
Credit: Netflix

Park Hae Soo has returned with the new Netflix movie Yaksha: Ruthless Operations. In a video interview, the actor shared various stories from Squid Game to his new movie.

First, the actor brought up the Squid Game. “I was there when Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon won the awards at the award ceremony. I was thrilled when their names were called out among those famous people. It was so happy to see my co-stars who I’ve talked with and love win the awards,” he opened up. “Of course, such a place is still awkward and uncomfortable to me. However, I keep attending them out of a sense of duty, and I think it’s a small calling given to me,”

What episode does he have that made him feel like he’s recognized as an actor in the United States? “A lot of people recognized me in the States, so I was grateful. But they didn’t really like me. I think they think of me as a ‘villain,’ even after I explained I’m not multiple times…”

Back in March, his photo with Benedict Cumberbatch taken at the Screen Actors Guild Awards became a hot topic. “Actually, I am not such a big fan of taking pictures, so I was never the one to ask first. But I saw Cumberbatch that day and asked him,” Park Hae Soo shared. “I once played the Creature when I did the play Frankenstein, and that was the role Cumberbatch played in the original play. I approached him and told him that, then he gave me a hug and said, ‘You must have done a better job than me.’ I loved his play so much, so I really wanted to take a picture with him.”

Park Hae Soo netflix Yaksha
Credit: Netflix

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, released on the 8th, is an action film set in Shenyang, China, that follows the thrilling chase of the NIS black op team, the prosecutor, and other espionage. The film garnered 12.53 million hours of views in just three days of its release, ranking third in Netflix’s global TOP 10 movies (non-English category). Park Hae Soo played the righteous prosecutor Han Ji Hoon.

Regarding his character, he said, “When I read the script, I didn’t want him to turn out to be an inflexible or boring character. In order to avoid that, I edited the scripts with the director to create more breathing room for the role. Between upright beliefs and values, I wanted to show more of his ‘human’ side.”

He lavished praise on his co-star Sol Kyung Gu. “To me, he is more than an actor. He’s an actor that all actors respect, but personally, he’s someone who embraces others’ pain and difficulties,” he commented. “He’s like that both inside and outside the work. He’s a person who listens to and deeply ponders the various concerns I am experiencing at my age. So meeting him was one of the greatest blessings in my life.”

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