‘Soundtrack #1’ Episode 3 Recap: Park Hyung Sik’s Departure Leaves Han So Hee in Tears

Soundtrack 1 Episode 3
Soundtrack 1 Episode 3
Credit: Disney Plus

In episode 3 of Soundtrack #1, Han Sun Woo (played by Park Hyung Sik) left for the airport, leaving Lee Eun Soo (Han So Hee) in tears.

Soundtrack #1 episode 2 ended with Lee Eun Soo finding her pictures on Han Sun Woo’s laptop.

Episode 3 has her on her toes as she finds out about Sun Woo’s feelings toward her. She starts revisiting the memories she had shared with him and feels the urge to ask him about his secret crush. Taken aback, he unintentionally gives her the cold shoulder but eventually �makes up with her and tells her about what his crush is like in a roundabout way.

In the meantime, Sun Woo gets an exciting chance to work with a renowned photographer. He changes his flight schedule according to his new plan, but it puts him in a difficult position to continue helping her with writing her lyrics. Of course, he tries to notify her numerous times, but she would shun him every time he tries to do so, thinking he might confess his love to her. Lyricist Kang Woo Ill (Kim Joo Hun) makes things worse as he seizes the opportunity to confess his feelings for her.

Eventually, the day of Sun Woo’s departure approaches. He leaves a short heartfelt message to her before he leaves for the airport. Eun Soo, who was acting all chill and cool, breaks down after reading his message. Turns out, he did not confess his love to her because he was worried that his confession might give her a hard time. She has always been pretending to be okay, but she feels heartbroken about his departure. With the unspoken words being spilled out, would their friendship grow into something more?

Source: Disney Plus

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