‘Forecasting Love and Weather’: The Romance of Grown-ups Drawn by Park Min Young and Song Kang

Forecasting Love and Weather
Credit: JTBC
Forecasting Love and Weather
Credit: JTBC

The romance between Park Min Young and Song Kang in JTBC’s Forecasting Love and Weather presents heart-fluttering moments for viewers as they get honest about their feelings for each other. We’ll look back on the three most exciting scenes.

Fast-moving Story

The ending scene that showed Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo waking up in the same bed was a moment that heralded the unexpected plot, just like the weather. Seeing the two, who were bickering over if it’s going to rain or not, getting heated up in just two episodes was definitely not expected. Moreover, this was the scene where viewers got to see the unexpected charm of Lee Si Woo, who just seemed pure and innocent. Unlike Ha Kyung, who seemed flustered the whole time, he was calm and relaxed. In front of Ha Kyung, who was ready to pretend like nothing happened since he’ll be transferring to a different branch, he brightly delivered the news that they’ll continue to work together with a smile. His line “Let’s play it cool, like adults” was all the more surprising.

Secret Office Romance

After the night, Ha Kyung and Si Woo decided to just stay as co-workers. Ha Kyung even gave him an obscene amount of data to investigate for “trying to walk all over her,” giving him the trouble. However, there was a twist. Ha Kyung, whom the viewers thought drew a clear line in their relationship, had actually started a romance with Si Woo after getting touched by his courage.

“Let’s Live Together”

Their romance soon faced a hindrance when Ha Kyung ran into Si Woo at the motel she took drunk Um Dong Ha (Lee Sung Wook) to. Recalling the deep scar left on her from her previous relationship, she told Si Woo she wanted some alone time. However, the truth Si Woo confessed was unexpected. He has a father addicted to gambling, and he chose to stay silent on why he was at the motel so as not to burden his loved one with the heavy truth. But hearing his words, Ha Kyung took a step closer. Sharing her own pain she has about her father, she embraced Si Woo’s wounded heart. And to Si Woo, who has no places to stay, she offers to move in with her.

Heart Flutters Once Again

The more he fell for Ha Kyung, the more Si Woo felt uneasy. The fact that it was Dong Han that Ha Kyung called first after getting into an accident upset Si Woo. But his anxiety grew even bigger when she, who didn’t answer his calls, returned to the office with her ex Han Ki Jun (Yoon Park). Realizing why he was feeling so upset, Ha Kyung explained why she was with her ex and promised to tell him only the truth. And Si Woo responds to her by saying, “This is bad. I keep falling for you.”

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