Han Ga In Opens Up About Why She Did Not Have a Baby for 11 Years, Her Unhappy Childhood and More

Han Ga In Yeon Jung Hoon
Han Ga In Yeon Jung Hoon
Credit: SBS

Han Ga In appeared on SBS’ talk show Circle House, which premiered on the 24th. In the episode, the actress revealed why she did not have a baby for 11 years after her marriage. She said, “I got married at a very young age, so I wasn’t really ready to raise my own child.”

She added, “I have agreed with my husband not to have a baby for 11 years, but there were rumors of discord between us. Getting married does not mean that you should have a baby right away, and I did not want to live my life based on what others think of us.”

When the guests talked about the problematic father-child relationship mentioned in one of the stories sent by their viewers, Han Ga In opened up about her unhappy childhood. She explained, “I also had a hard time with my family when I was young. I was never close to my father, but it’s not that I hated him. He and I just never cared for each other.”

Han Ga In also noted why she got married to Yeon Jung Hoon. She said, “As I had such a childhood memory, I was glad when I went to my husband’s house. His family looked so happy and it was nice to see a loving family that I have never had. I got married early because I wanted to be part of that family.” The actress shared her gratitude towards her husband and said, “My husband is showing me the image of the father that I always wanted. Watching him playing with our child makes me feel so wholesome that it heals my wounds from the past.”


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