BL Drama ‘Semantic Error’ Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan Say They Have a Compatible MBTI Match

BL Drama Semantic Error
BL Drama Semantic Error
Credit: Star News

Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan, two stars of the Watcha original series Semantic Error, sat down with Star News for an interview. Based on the web novel of the same name, Semantic Error will be released on the 16th. It depicts the romance between Choo Sang Woo, an “outcast” majoring in computer science, and Jang Jae Young, a “social butterfly” majoring in visual design. Former KNK member Park Seo Ham will play deft and spontaneous Jung Jae Young, and DONGKIZ’s Park Jae Chan will play Cha Sang Woo, a man of principle.

BL Drama Semantic Error
Credit: Watcha

Q1. How did you feel when you first got the scripts for ‘Semantic Error’?

PSH: I only read the audition script. But at the time, I couldn’t understand the character that well, so I looked up the novel. The novel was more R-rated, but the scripts felt more like a teen movie. I had fun filming.

PJC: When I first read the script, I finished it in one day. Except for the fact that its genre is BL, it felt like a youth drama.

Q2. What are the key points of ‘Semantic Error’?

PSH: Jae Young is very honest about his feelings. How he’s different from Sang Woo is interesting, and it gets more interesting as the story progresses. Their feelings progress gradually.

PJC: Sang Woo is someone who hates getting off the principles. But he develops feelings for Jae Young and starts feeling confused. Sang Woo thinks about “What should I do?” but falls for Jae Young more.

Q3. ‘Semantic Error’ is famous for its original work. You must have felt pressured.

PSH: I know how the fans of the original work feel. They say that Semantic Error is the biggest hit in the BL genre. So I humbly accepted it. Jae Chan was praised for his performance which made him seem like he literally popped out of the comics. Even to me, Jae Chan is similar to Sang Woo.

BL Drama Semantic Error
Credit: Watcha

Q4. In the story, Sang Woo is ISTJ and Jae Young is ENFP. What is your actual MBTI?

PSH: Jae Chan asked me what my MBTI is and tried to see how compatible we are (laughs). I’m actually ENFJ. I’m completely J (judging) when it comes to work and P (perceiving) when I’m having fun. I was actually good together with Jae Chan. We even share similar interests. When I was still an idol, I used to buy soda for Jae Chan when our promotions overlapped with DONGKIZ’s. After reading Semantic Error, Jae Chan told me, “We must be fated” (laughs).

PJC: I’m actually INTP. When I checked the MBTI compatibility chart, Seo Ham and my MBTIs were actually a perfect match, so it was surprising.

Q5. What are your plans for 2022?

PSH: I’m enlisting in the army on March 10th. So I hope Jae Chan gets the love that I’ll receive while I’m gone. I’ll come back safely, so take good care of DONGKIZ.

PJC: I’ll greet the fans as DONGKIZ in March. And I hope Seo Ham returns safely without getting hurt.

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