APRIL’s Chaewon Directly Refutes Lee Hyunjoo’s Bullying Scandal and Reveals Her Plan to Appeal

APRIL Chaewon
APRIL Chaewon Lee Hyunjoo
Credit: YouTube “HoneyChen”

APRIL’s Chaewon publicly announced her position regarding the ongoing lawsuit against her former groupmate Lee Hyunjoo via her YouTue channel.

Chaewon said, “I did not harass members of the group. I didn’t date the manager. So, I sued the person who made and spread false information. As a result, the case was not forwarded, and I am currently in the process of filing an appeal.”

She explained that she sued Hyunjoo because she defamed her by spreading false rumors. And according to her, these rumors include, “Because Kim Chaewon had a relationship with the manager, he ignored the bullying even though he knew it.”

According to the report Chaewon released, the police ruled that “testimonies by witnesses including the members of APRIL, the group’s agency president, the group’s manager, the group’s former member, and choreography teachers must be deemed unreliable due to their close relations to the plaintiff.” The report then read, “Therefore, it is difficult to confirm the truth of the matter objectively.”

She later added, “I made painstaking efforts by collecting testimonies of the witnesses to reveal the truth. But I even thought about giving up the legal battle when all I received in return were the same ‘not guilty’ rulings.” Chaewon continued, “However, I filed for an apple in hopes that no one would suffer from false rumors again. And I sincerely hope that the truth will come out soon.”

The singer concluded, “I have now learned that it is extremely difficult to prove truths in legal proceedings. Nonetheless, I always spoke the truth, and I have nothing to hide.”


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