Lee Yoo Mi Talks About Popularity She Gained from ‘Squid Game,’ Her New Drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’ and More

lee yoo mi All of Us Are Dead
lee yoo mi All of Us Are Dead
Credit: Esquire Korea

Lee Yoo Mi showed off her beauty in the recent pictorial for Esquire. In an interview conducted after the photoshoot, the actress opened up about various things, including her recent mega-hit series Squid Game and her new Netflix series.

With the worldwide popularity of Squid Game, Lee Yoo Mi saw a steep rise in her Instagram followers and popularity. “I was happy that I kept hearing good news. But At the same time, I was also confused. It was a surprising year in a good way, and I’m still amazed by it,” she shared.

From Young Adult Matters and 365: Repeat the Year to Squid Game, Lee Yoo Mi has mostly played “a girl with a painful past.” Wasn’t she worried about always playing the same role? The actress gave an honest answer, saying, “I can’t say I wasn’t worried. But I thought, ‘I’m going to be a better actress. So even if I get a fixed image, I have the ability to break out of it.’ And with that thought, I was able to do my best in all my roles.”

lee yoo mi All of Us Are Dead
Credit: Esquire Korea

In the upcoming Netflix series All of Us Are Dead, she will play Na Yeon. “Of all the roles I’ve played, she goes through the least struggles,” she introduced. “She is a villain, but I understand her. So I hope viewers can understand her as well.”

Lee Yoo Mi debuted at a young age, but it took a long time for her to rise to stardom. “I came this far because I have so much fun acting,” she relayed. “When I draw out the character’s world, as if the branches are stretching out, so many stories pour out. The process of reaching there isn’t easy, but it’s so much fun.”

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Her passion for acting is still ongoing. “Heartbreaking romance, action movies with heroes, I like that all. I want to challenge even the funny sitcom or B-movie if I get a chance. There are so many roles I haven’t played yet, and there are also so many genres I want to try.”

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