‘The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won’ Comes Heavily Under Fire for Animal Cruelty

The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won
The King of Tears Lee Bang Won
Credit: KBS

On the 20th, the KAWA (Korean Animal Welfare Association) posted an article titled “We condemn animal cruelty shown at the shooting site of the KBS drama The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won.” The scene they took issues with was where the main character, Lee Seong Gye, falls off a horse. In that scene, not only did the actor fall off the horse, but the horse also collapsed to the ground head first.

In response to this scene, KAWA stated, “We’ve secured a video of the filming site. As many feared, we have found out that the horse was forcibly knocked down by tying a wire to its legs for the scene.”

The King of Tears Lee Bang Won
Credit: Korean Animal Welfare Association

They then continued, “In the process of forcibly shooting this scene, the horse was thrown to the ground, which must have put a great strain on its body. They filmed this in such a dangerous way that we even suspect injuries for the actor who played the role.”

In particular, the staff only took care of the actor immediately after filming. And the horse behind the people was down on the ground, motionless. So far, the condition of the horse has not been confirmed.

KAWA stressed that this is definitely animal cruelty. The organization also stated, “We will never condone this situation.”

On this day, KBS shared, “We have forwarded the relevant information to the production team. And we are checking how the scene was filmed.”

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