Seo Kang Joon and Kim Ah Joong’s New Disney Plus Drama ‘Grid’ Confirms Its February Release

Disney Plus series Grid
Credit: Disney Plus
disney plus Grid
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus original series Grid has confirmed its February release and dropped an intense poster and teaser.

Grid is a mystery thriller that tracks down the identity of the mysterious being that disappeared after saving mankind but reappeared as a murderer’s accomplice. Stranger screenwriter Lee Soo Yeo and The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful director Khan Lee teamed up for the project.

The first poster shows the five characters standing at the center of the mystery: Seo Kang Joon (Kim Sae Ha), Kim Ah Joong (Jung Sae Byeok), Kim Mu Yeol (Song Eo Jin), Kim Sung Kyun (Kim Ma Nok), and Lee Si Young (the “Ghost”). Will the four characters be able to uncover the truth of the Ghost that “disappeared then reappeared after 24 years”? Or will they be thrown into an even bigger mystery? This question will be the key point of the drama.

In particular, the mysterious “Ghost” is the core of the mystery in Grid. This figure created the global shield “Grid” that saved mankind from the crisis then disappeared without a trace. Then 24 years later, she reappeared as a murder’s accomplice. The phrase that reads “A planned murder, a changed future; we must find her” adds curiosity.

Disney Plus Grid
Credit: Disney Plus

In the released trailer, various characters that got involved with the Ghost for different purposes catch the eye. Above all, the tension reaches its peak in the scene where Kim Ma Nok, a murderer protected by the Ghost, yells, “If I catch you, you’re dead!”

Meanwhile, Grid will be released on Disney Plus on February 16th.

Source: Disney Plus Korea

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