Park So Dam Says She’s Recovering Well from Her Cancer

Park So Dam Cancer
Park So Dam Cancer
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The upcoming movie Special Delivery released a written interview with Park So Dam. The actress is acclaimed for flawlessly pulling off intense action sequences in the movie.


Q1. Please give a brief update on how you are.

Hello, I’m Park So Dam. Happy new year! I’m really sad and sorry that I couldn’t participate in the Special Delivery promotions. Thanks to everyone’s support, I’m recovering just fine. Thank you again for your words of support and encouragement! I was really surprised and scared, but I’ll greet you in person after I make a full recovery and become more healthy!

Q2. You play the most important role in ‘Special Delivery.’

That really embarrasses me. It’s my first time seeing my face appear so big on a poster, so I was surprised. And how my face appears so big in theaters makes me grateful and excited.

Q3. What are your actual driving skills like?

I got into a car accident a few years back, so I was a little afraid of getting in a car. But I got to drive cars with many people looking over me while shooting Special Delivery. So my fear has faded away a lot, and I’m driving more in my daily life. In all, it was a big challenge for me.

Q4. Any memorable episodes while filming the action scenes?

The action scene with Kyung Pil (Song Sae Byeok) at the junkyard in the second half of the movie is quite memorable. I had to fight several people with all my body, so it wasn’t easy to express the scene while controlling my pace. So, the action scene with Kyung Pil inside the junkyard was modified to fit the scene more. The martial arts team and I had to come up with new sequences the day before the shooting in the hotel conference room.

Q5. Do you have any intentions of taking part in overseas projects?

As I said in an interview during the Parasite promotion in the States, of course I have the desire to take part (in overseas productions)! But if I want to grab the chance when I’m given one, I have to prepare myself well.

Q6. How do you choose your works?

I think it’s the most existing and tense moment when I read scripts, get curious about the character, and have the desire to take on the challenge. That first moment I meet that certain character in person. I try not to forget those feelings I felt at the time.

Q7. What do you think is the charm of ‘Special Delivery’?

Special Delivery is a movie with a great sense of speed. And I think it’s a movie that can please the eyes and ears of the audience. Above all, I think the car chasing scenes will blow away your stressed minds.


Source: NEW

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