A Timeline of SE7EN and Lee Da Hae’s Eventful Love Story

SE7EN Lee Da Hae
SE7EN Lee Da Hae
Credit: MBC

Lee Da Hae‘s appearance in MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View became a hot topic. The fact that this is her first promotion in Korea in four years and that she mentioned her boyfriend SE7EN made headlines. And sure enough, the actress caught the attention by mentioning, “I fought with him (as he was teaching me how to dance). His song came out, and I didn’t even want to listen to it.”

In the trailer, SE7EN and Lee Da Hae were seen enjoying a meal together. This will be the first time the two actually appeared on a show together. Lee Da Hae expressed her love for her man as she stroked his cheek and said, “You’re cute.” She was also seen shedding tears as she shared, “I had a difficult time then. Because I like him…”

Back in 2016, SE7EN and Lee Da Hae came forward with their relationship. At the time, the singer’s label confirmed, “The two became a rock for each other during the difficult time. They’ve been dating for months now.”

This “difficult time” the label mentioned is when SE7EN was serving his military duty. When SE7EN was on active duty in 2013, he was sentenced to 10 days in a guardhouse for disciplinary reasons such as violating military service rules and leaving without permission. With their dating rumors, his “massage scandal” surfaced again. Especially the fact that this is SE7EN’s first relationship since his breakup with Park Han Byul caught more attention.

After admitting to dating Lee Da Hae, he took to his Instagram to speak out on the incident. “At the time, both Thai and Chinese traditional massage parlors were closed, so we resorted to visiting the third place. While waiting to get our turns, we realized that people could misunderstand our visit. So we canceled and left immediately. I had no intention of doing anything illegal,” he wrote.

SE7EN Lee Da Hae
Credit: SBS, MBN

The actress also mentioned the scandal when she appeared on tvN’s Life Bar in 2017. “To be honest, I didn’t have a good image of him,” she relayed. “But I ended up dating him anyway. If I didn’t go to see him that day, it’d have been the most regrettable mistake of my life.”

The scandal surfaced again when she appeared on SBS’s My Little Old Boy in 2018. As malicious rumors related to sex massages continued, SE7EN’s label urged people to stop spreading false information.

Despite the many rumors surrounding them, the two have shown unchanging affection to one another. SE7EN didn’t hide his affection for his girlfriend during his appearances on MBC’s Video Star (2019) and MBN’s Eatvitation (2020), saying, “We are doing just fine, like best friends.”

Then last year, the singer was seen calling Lee Da Hae for the first time in Omniscient Interfering View. Later that year, he appeared on JTBC’s Seri Money Club and said, “She gave me the most strength during the toughest time of my life.”

SE7EN and Lee Da Hae have suffered a lot of pressure and responsibility for the past seven years. Therefore, expectations for the behind-the-scene story they will tell in their upcoming appearances in Omniscient Interfering View are rising rapidly.

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