April Naeun’s Accuser Submits a Letter of Apology for Fabricating Rumors

April Naeun School Violence
April Naeun School Violence
Credit: GRAZIA

A, who claimed that she had suffered Naeun’s school bullying, admitted to spreading false information.

On the 17th, DSP Media issued an official statement regarding Naeun’s school violence allegations. “In March of 2021, one online community post claimed that Lee Naeun took part in bullying during her elementary school days,” they wrote. “However, this was a strictly false rumor, and DSP Media proceeded to file a lawsuit against the original accuser, A, for defamation.”

They continued, “A contacted DSP Media with intentions to apologize to Lee Naeun after reflecting on her actions. She even delivered a handwritten letter of regret, as shown below. As a result, Lee Naeun has decided to accept A’s apology and will be dropping the defamation charges filed against her.”

Credit: DSP Media

In the apology letter, A wrote, “I was always quiet and had no presence in elementary school. But contrary to me, Naeun got along well with many friends and was always bright and active. Feeling inferior, I wrote things that had nothing to do with the facts as if they had really happened to me. I did wrong to Lee Naeun and her label.”

She added, “I know all my faults will just go away because Naeun dropped the charges. Because of this incident, I came to realize once again that even a small lie can cause great harm to others. I’ve realized the fear of writing things thoughtlessly on the Internet. So I will make sure something like this never happens again. I’m sorry.”


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