Park Eun Bin Talks About Her Drama ‘The King’s Affection,’ What It Means to Be an Actress, and More

Park Eun Bin The King's Affection

Park Eun Bin recently had a photoshoot and interview with Esquire Korea.

Park Eun Bin The King's Affection
Credit: Esquire Korea

The actress had recently finished the drama The King’s Affection, in which she took on a gender-bending role. During the interview, Park Eun Bin talked about why she chose the project. “I never even dreamed of playing the role of a crown prince or king. So the moment I read the script, I thought, ‘I can play a role like this?’ It felt like I had found a new dream,” she responded.

Park Eun Bin recalled the moment she was most satisfied while filming. “When I felt, ‘That’s Hwi’s face,’ during monitoring,” she answered. “When the camera shoots me differently and I act with sincerity in a situation where I can’t see myself, there’s this unfamiliar side of me that I see on the screen afterward. That’s when I think, ‘Oh, that’s Hwi’s face,’ and feel very proud as an actor.”

Park Eun Bin The King's Affection
Credit: Esquire Korea
Park Eun Bin The King's Affection
Credit: Esquire Korea

She then recalled her acting career that started when she was a young girl. “In a way, I think I was asked to show more of emotional acting than dynamic acting from a young age. So I had a lot of time to think about emotional acting,” she shared. “I think trying my best to persuade viewers with the probability of the story became my desire… and my hobby and specialty.”

In the behind-the-scenes clips, Park Eun Bin was often spotted playing jokes on other actors. “I think it’s closer to me trying to raise the energy on the set. I have had a lot of responsibility for my work since I was young. These days, I feel like I have a different kind of responsibility for my role on the set,” she said. “Especially in The King’s Affection, a lot of the actors were my age or younger than me, so I thought someone has to take a center. So I tried to raise the tension, which got lowered from time to time.”


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