‘Running Man’ Star Kim Jong Kook Reveals His Drug Test Results

Kim Jong Kook
kim jong kook
Credit: Sports Chosun, Kim Jong Kook’s Youtube Channel

Kim Jong Kook has revealed his drug test results.

Previously on November 13th, the singer received a doping test at the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL), based in the United States. The institution is supported by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympics, the U.S. Football League, and the United States Anti-Doping Agency and has been approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

In the video he uploaded on his YouTube channel, Kim Jong Kook underwent a full doping test by providing his urine sample to the officials of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Korea.

Myung Se Young, the INBA Korea Five Star Global representative, explained that “the test he just went through is the highest level of doping test. It detects 392 different types of drugs in competition, and it is a higher level of a test than the ones that Olympic competitors normally undergo. It goes even further to identify if a substance belongs to one’s body or not.”

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The test results were revealed on December 9th, and the result showed that the singer did not receive any external steroid injection. The analysis of his urine sample read, “Specimen was analyzed for all prohibited substances. No Prohibited Substance(s) or Prohibited Method(s), or their Metabolite(s) or Marker(s)on the test menu were detected,” and showed that he is clean.

Regarding the test results, Kim Jong Kook said, “I’m not sure what many of you might think. Personally, it felt like ages. It was kind of painful, as well.” He continued, “(Greg Doucette) said something like, ‘Based on the information I gathered, I think I got it wrong, sorry.’ For someone that prepared till the end with all my heart, I felt dumbstruck and frustrated.” He went on by saying, “I took the test as fast a possible and revealed the hard evidence. It would have been better if he had studied more on the field regarding other races and made his claim. There aren’t only Caucasians in this world.”

However, the singer decided to withdraw the legal action that he originally planned to take. Instead of spending $25,000 for legal actions, he said that he would donate it to people in need.


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  • I 💯% LOVE Kim Jung Kook. I stand behind && support him fully. It breaks my heart that anyone would hate on him. I wish I could meet him. I’m sending hugs Oppa!!!🥰

  • Well..I knew Kim Jong Kook is the man with his words..now that the issue is cleared, let’s go watch some more tips and advice from his YouTube channel..let’s support him.. Hwaiting!! 🤩

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