Han Hyo Joo Says She Got Vicarious Pleasure From Playing Yoon Sae Bom in ‘Happiness’

han hyo joo happiness
han hyo joo happiness
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Han Hyo Joo shared her thoughts on finishing her drama Happiness.

Happiness illustrates the survival of the characters isolated in a high-rise apartment, a miniature of a hierarchical society. Set against the building that has been locked down in the new normal era, the show portrays fierce survival and thrilling mind games between the survivors. In the drama, Han Hyo Joo played Yoon Sae Bom, who has good judgment and quick decision-making.


Q1. How do you feel about finishing ‘Happiness’?

It was pure luck that I met an amazing team and an amazing character. I had a lot of fun acting. I felt that the work contained a more realistic story than I had expected. Looking at the work, I constantly asked myself, “If this situation really happens, what choice would I make, or could I make a righteous choice like Sae Bom?”

Q2. How did you feel when you were offered the role of Sae Bom?

The first thing that came to my mind was that she and I shared many similarities. I grew so fond of the character from the start because I thought I could show myself as I am without getting all decked out. Still, I felt a vicarious thrill because she’s more daring and bold than me. At the same time, because Sae Bom is a righteous person who steps up to the plate, I thought that her actions had to have validity and persuasive power so that viewers could empathize with her.

han hyo joo happiness
Credit: tvN

Q3. As a special op agent, how did you prepare for your action scenes?

Basically, there were stunts and live-fire exercises. Since my previous projects were Treadstone and The Pirates 2, that action vibe still remained in my body. The fact that I’ve been trying to hold onto the basics of action sequences was very helpful. The action scenes were fun and rewarding the more I did them, and the shooting scenes were also quite fun.

Q4. Yoon Sae Bom’s comfortable and practical attire also became a hot topic.

I usually like to wear sweatsuits. Actually, I’ve worn a sweatsuit that I like to wear for a scene. And after it was broadcast, many people contacted me after noticing it, so I cracked up so hard. In the drama, she’s stuck in a locked-down apartment. So I wanted Sae Bom to look like she’s just grabbing comfortable attire from her closet, and that’s why I kept wearing a sweatsuit.

Q5. Was there any memorable reaction?

The viewers gave a lot of funny reactions about how the villains were so mean and frustrating. And they said that the scene where Sae Bom kicked Oh Joo Hyung (Baek Hyun Jin) was very satisfying. So it was nice to dive into the broadcast from the viewers’ point of view.

Q6. Are there any memorable scenes or lines?

I remember the line Sae Bom said to Hyun Yi (Park Hyung Sik) in the final episode. This was the line – “I realized when you said that home depends on whom you are with. I’ll stay with you from now on. Stay with me.” Staying with people is becoming more precious these days. So whatever you do, what’s important is who you do it with. And that’s why this work will stay in my heart.

Q7. What’s your next project?

I’m in the middle of filming the Disney Original Plus original series Moving. Also, The Pirates 2 will be released soon. I hope you look forward to them.

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