K-Star’s Best Character: Kwon Na Ra Takes on a New Character Who Repeats Death and Reincarnation

Kwon Na Ra Bulgasal

Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated Esther Lee

Kwon Na Ra Bulgasal
Credit: tvN

Kwon Na Ra is an idol-turned actress, who debuted in 2012 as a member of Hello Venus. She drew attention with her stunning looks and her breathtaking styles. In 2017, six years after her idol debut, Kwon Na Ra started her acting career by starring in her first drama, SBS’ Suspicious Partner.

Ironically, not too long after her acting debut, she was cast as a “failed actress” Choi Yoo Ra in tvN’s My Mister (2018). Yoo Ra is a character who loves acting but has a tendency to freeze up in auditions and because of that, she never grabs a chance to tell the world that she has a lot of potentials. The drama depicts her as a very kind and caring girl with a quirky sense of humor by showing the scene where she cheers up the movie director who traumatized her in the past. In the scene, she confesses that she grew fond of Park Ki Hoon, the director, because “he is broken.” Explaining what she meant by that, she talks about how he kept his dreams alive after what he’s been through over the years as she continues to explain how she finds comfort in that. Choi Yoo Ra, who couldn’t give up on her dreams or love, received much support from viewers.

Kwon Na Ra took her first lead role in SBS’ Your Honor (2018) as Joo Eun, a news anchor. Unlike her previous role, this character is a successful woman who takes pride in her career and doesn’t fear being on camera. She is a woman who knows when to speak up for herself and she played an important role in guiding her boyfriend, Han Soo Ho, to the right path.

She played psychiatrist Han So Geum in KBS’ medical suspense drama Doctor Prisoner (2019). Han So Geum is a charismatic doctor who struggles to uncover the truth behind her younger brother Han Bit’s disappearance from prison. In order to improve the quality of her acting, Kwon Na Ra received multiple counseling to understand what it is like being a mental health specialist. Kwon Na Ra was recognized for her remarkable emotional acting and won the Best New Actress at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards.

Kwon Na Ra played an antagonist role for the first time in JTBC’s Itaewon Class (2020). She took the role of Oh Soo Ah, a girl who would do anything to be successful. Her cute arrogant lines drew much attention from viewers. For example, Oh Soo Ah would say things like” You shouldn’t fall in love with me, okay?” to Park Sae Ro Yi, who clearly liked her. Plus, she straight up says “Try harder, sweetheart” to Jo Yi Seo, who was creating a tight tension between themselves.

Kwon Na Ra will return in tvN’s new drama Bulgasal: Immortal Souls as Min Sang Woon, a woman who is being chased by an immortal as she repeats death and reincarnation for 600 years. Min Sang Woon has been living low profile after her family’s death, seeking a way to avenge those who killed her family. This is Kwon Na Ra’s first fantasy-themed drama and I look forward to seeing her diverse range of acting in the upcoming work.

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