Lee Sun Bin Says Her Boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo Also Enjoyed Her Drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now’

Lee Sun Bin Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Sun Bin Lee Kwang Soo
Credit: initial entertainment

Lee Sun Bin mentioned Lee Kwang Soo in her interview on her latest series Work Later, Drink Now.

Work Later, Drink Now tells the story of three women who love drinking alcohol, starring Lee Sun Bin, Jeong Eun Ji, and Han Sun Hwa. Lee Sun Bin played Ahn So Hee, a variety show writer, and impressed the viewers with her charms and acting skills.

Her boyfriend �Lee Kwang Soo turned out to be one of the many fans of her newest drama. “He watched the new episodes every week and told me that he enjoyed it a lot. He said he loved it. I think he actually really enjoyed it,” she shared. “I’m a person who feels awkward when I’m complimented, and I don’t tend to show my worries to others. So I’ve never asked him for advice in acting. I do what’s on my plate by myself.”

Lee Sun Bin Lee Kwang Soo
Credit: Instagram @SUNBIN_EYESMAG

Lee Sun Bin was also suspected of copying Lee Kwang Soo’s mosquito dance in Work Later, Drink Now. “It wasn’t the mosquito dance. I was trying to dance Lee Jung Hyun’s ‘Wa.’ We’ve filmed that scene multiple times, and I just moved my body to the music,” she responded.

She continued, “At some point, I even hung the bag around my neck and started swinging like I was doing a hula hoop. But only that dance was aired. Even to me, it looked like I was doing the mosquito dance. But I’ve never actually seen Lee Kwang Soo do that dance.”


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