Wi Ha Jun Talks About ‘Squid Game,’ His Acting Career, His Dream Girl, and More

Squid Game Wi Ha Jun

Wi Ha Jun made the cover of a fashion magazine for the first time.

Squid Game Wi Ha Jun
Credit: Instagram @thestarmagazine

Wi Ha Jun radiated his overwhelming presence in the pictorial for the December issue of The Star conducted under the theme of “HA JUN’S TIME.”

“I was honored and happy to be able to make the cover of the December issue,” the actor, who recently gained worldwide attention with Squid Game, shared. “Even now, I still can’t believe how all this happened to me. I was very fortunate to have appeared in such an amazing project.”

He added, “My character had to explain from an observer’s point of view. So there were lots of emotional limitations. If I imagine Hwang Jun Ho in season two, I want to find my brother again and get an answer to what the hell happened to him.”

When asked about Wi Ha Jun’s strong suit as an actor, he answered, “The variety and duality that comes from looks. And I think I’m pretty good at action scenes.” The actor also gave an honest answer about his dream girl. “I like someone smart. I dream of a woman who stays strong in front of the strong and gives to the weak. We both can become a better person if the woman I’m with is someone I can learn from,” he said.

Squid Game Wi Ha Jun
Credit: Instagram @thestarmagazine

Did he ever hit rock bottom while acting? “At one point, I kept failing auditions, so I thought, ‘Should I give up on acting?’ That’s how low my self-esteem was,” he answered. “Now, thanks to the encouragement from the people around me, I started to get more relaxed and have trust in myself. I have a lot now, so I want to perform better, and I’m always thinking about how I can be an actor for a long time.”

Lastly, Wi Ha Jun said, “I want to hear people say, ‘Wi Ha Jun’s acting is a must-see.’ I want people to think of me as a warm person, and I want to express a lot and show love.”‘

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