‘Nothing Serious’ Star Jeon Jong Seo Says She Was Reluctant to Star in a Romance Movie Because She Would Take It Personally

Jeon Jong Seo movie
Jeon Jong Seo movie
Credit: CJ ENM

Nothing Serious is the first movie that Jeon Jong Seo took on a “normal” role. She works part-time at a cafe, has a drink or two with her friends after finishing work, and bickers with her father at home. It’s fun to watch Jeon Jong Seo’s ordinary acting. And the fact that she can pull off a romance genre is even more surprising. Jeon Jong Seo, whom we met in a video interview, confessed that she didn’t intend on starring in a romance movie at first.

“After finishing The Call, I wanted to carefully choose my next project. Before, I thought playing villains was fun, and I thought the romance genre was not for me. Romance felt personal, and I felt embarrassed to act it. When I saw actors performing romance, it felt like that’s what they actually do when they’re dating someone. So I didn’t want to show that side of me to anyone. But my thoughts changed,” she shared.

What charms of Nothing Serious made her change her mind? Jeon shared that the first impression of the scenario she received was “a delicious canned coffee.” She added, “With my previous works, I felt like viewers needed to be stimulated. But with this scenario, I could present it lightly like a surprise gift. I was drawn to the simplicity and cheekiness of the script.”

Jeon Jong Seo movie
Credit: CJ ENM

In the movie, Jeon says quite a few provocative and frank lines. “I wanted to be more conservative than in the script. I acted with the thought of not showing how I really felt until the very end. The lines may have been explicit, but I tried to just spit them out comfortably rather than worrying about it. As reckless as she was, she was also a coward. The movie could turn out to be peculiar with just one mistake, so I was very careful and gave a lot of thought.”

The actress added, “I’m more conservative, old-fashioned, and inflexible than you think.”

She also talked about drinking scenes in the movie. “I can’t even drink one glass of alcohol. I don’t know why people drink it and love it so much. Since I can’t drink alcohol, I drank it like I would drink water, so the director said something. If I focused on drinking alcohol, I couldn’t say the lines properly, and vice versa. There were many things that I looked unnatural in because I don’t have much experience.”

Jeon Jong Seo movie
Credit: Marie Claire korea

Jeon shared that she had no problems working with her co-star Son Suk Ku. “He wasn’t’ the kind of person who prioritizes formality. I knew that he and I had the same vibe the first time we met. Every time we met, we joked around and discussed a lot about the movie, so we had fun filming. He was an actor who suited me well.”

Already, Jeon is in the third year of her career. “I think acting suits me really well. What I’m doing now is really fun, and I’m not getting tired of it. I think I can keep on acting.”


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