Netflix Starts Production on Another Korean Original Series ‘The Fabulous’

netflix the fabulous
Credit: King Kong by Starship, SM Entertainment

Netflix has announced a new Korean original series, The Fabulous, coming to the streaming platform. According to the giant streamer, SHINee’s Minho and Chae Soo Bin have decided to join the cast of this new series.

The Fabulous tells the story of friendship between young men and women as they navigate their way through the fashion industry. 

Yumi's Cells

The Sweet & Sour actress will play a luxury PR firm manager named Pyo Ji Eun. Having always been fond of beautiful items, she paddles to survive in the industry she always desired to work in.

SHINee’s Minho will take on the role of Ji Woo Min, a freelance photo editor. He is talented, handsome and tall but lacks passion in what he does. Although he is not interested in committing to anybody or improving his career, he keeps Pyo around as a friend or more.

The Fabulous, the story of ordinary young people finding their way in the extravagant fashion industry, is written by Kim Ji Hee and Lim Jin Sun and produced by Hotel Del Luna showrunner Kin Jung Hyun. Plus, the One the Woman production company, Gil Pictures, presents the series.


Source: Netflix

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