Kim Seon Ho Becomes the Winner of the 2021 Asia Artist Awards Popularity Polls

Kim Seon Ho
Credit: Arena Homme Plus

Kim Seon Ho has won two popularity polls held under the 2021 Asia Artist Awards.

The 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA), which will be held on December 2nd, announced the winners of their popularity awards ahead of its actual ceremony. The Hometown Cha Cha Cha star Kim Seon Ho became the winner of ‘the U+ IDOL LIVE Popularity Award’ and ‘the 2021 AAA RET Popularity Award’ at this year’s event.


Credit: Asia Artist Awards

Thanks to his massive fanbase in Japan, the actor has led the ‘2021 AAA RET Popularity Award’ poll with 44.3 percent, gaining a whopping 1,787,702 votes. Plus, he came in at No.1 on the ‘the U+ IDOL LIVE Popularity Award’ list with 40.5 percent of the votes, receiving 542,972 ballots in total.

Last year, Kim Seon Ho received the ‘Emotive Award’ at the same event. Now that he has proved his undying popularity by winning these two online polls, all eyes are on whether he could have the honor to win an actual award at the ceremony.

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  • Fanbase is not only in Japan. It’s worldwide!!! I’m in California USA. And there are millions in Philippines, India, UK, Australia! Do your research!

    • Exactly!!! I’m from California USA too. We have a strong global fanbase to support Kim Seon Ho Sii!

  • You didn’t do your research. The fans who voted for him are not just from Japan! I’m from the Philippines and we love him here. He also has solid fandom from other countries.

  • Kim seon ho has a lot of fans which called seonhodas. It’s not only Japan, he has a lot of fan from other country. I’m from Philippines. One of his solid fan. We are seonhodas. Fighting oppa!!! We’ll support and stand with you no matter what. We love you. Saranghae! 💙💙💙🇵🇭

  • I am Seonhohada from Taiwan. 🇹🇼 AAA was hosted by Japan. However, if you did some research, you may find his fandom is worldwide (i.e. Korea, Philippiness, Thailand, Vietnam, China, USA, Latin American…) We will be much grateful if you can modify the reports based on true. Thank you.