‘2 Days & 1 Night’ Producer Answers to Some Viewers’ Request to Re-Cast Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho 2 Days 1 Night
Credit: Instagram @kbs_unicorn
Kim Seon Ho 2 Days 1 Night
Credit: Instagram @kbs_unicorn

In relation to the petition against Kim Seon Ho‘s exit from 2 Days & 1 Night Season 4, the chief producer gave an official answer.

Lee Hwang Sun, the chief producer of the entertainment department, wrote, “First of all, thank you to all the viewers who love 2 Days & 1 Night and your valuable opinions.” He continued, “KBS has announced Kim Seo Ho’s exit from the show on October 20th. And I’d like to inform you that there was a prior consultation (over the decision) before releasing the official statement.”

Lee concluded, “The production team is also feeling sorry that they can no longer present the harmony of six members who have been showing perfect chemistry for the past two years. But we will continue to do our best to show you a good show.”

Kim Seon Ho 2 Days 1 Night
Credit: Instagram @kbs_unicorn

Previously, Kim Seon Ho’s scandal surfaced online when his ex accused him of encouraging her to get an abortion. Soon, Kim Seon Ho released an apology statement through his agency. “I dated her with good intentions. But during the relationship, I hurt her due to my negligence and carelessness,” he wrote. “I would also like to apologize to those who believed in me and supported me.”

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Due to the scandal, Kim Seon Ho stepped down from 2 Days & 1 Night. And the production team has been cutting the actor out of the show entirely.

However, some viewers questioned whether it was necessary to make him leave the show he had been a part of for years just because of a scandal over his personal life. For weeks, the viewers’ page on the network’s website has flooded with petitions asking for his return.


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  • Para mim ,desnecessário ter tirado ele sem ao menos escutar a sua parte ,eles erraram em tirar ele e isso irá custar muito para eles porq todos gostavam quando Kim soen ho estava .Lamento por vcs serem assim com julgamentos lamentáveis .

  • very understandable after what they went through with JJY. He was innocent first too, got him back on the show and see how that turned out. They are better off not recasting him and just move on.

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