Lee Tae Gon and Sung Hoon Will Not Appear on Season 3 of ‘Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)’

Love Marriage and Divorce Season 3

Lee Tae Gon and Sung Hoon will not be returning to season three of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).

JTBC News reported that Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) held its table read on the 22nd, which Lee Tae Gon and Sung Hoon did not attend. To which, both actors’ agencies confirmed the news, saying they will not appear in the new season.

According to JTBC News, the roles the two used to play – Shin Yoo Shin (Lee Tae Gon) and Pan Sa Hyun (Sung Hoon) – will be played by other actors. The production team has decided to raise the stakes by keeping the same roles but replacing the actors. However, this report is yet to be confirmed.

Love Marriage and Divorce Season 3

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) follows the unimaginable misfortunes of three attractive female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s face and the couples’ struggle to find true love. The series openly shows couples’ affairs and depicts the process of unraveling the entangled relationships. So far, two seasons have been released, and the third season will air next spring.


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  • To be honest without the regular cast it wouldn’t be worth watching . This show has alot to offer but if two main characters aren’t in it this will throw the entire show off. Off them more money 💰

  • Lee Tae Gon and Sung Hoon make Love/Divorce! Will NOT be the same. Producers better come up with more CASH!💰💰

    • It will NOT “be good” because 1-they are removing the two most famous and excellent actors, 2-these 2 actors have interpreted their characters brilliantly (specially LEE TAE GON), 3- at this stage of the Series (the FINAL Season) the audience is used, and readily relates, to the two characters as portrayed by THESE actors not any MALE actor will be the same. Perhaps the problem is not more money but the wish of the screenwriter to change the theme of the drama from one mature, well developed analysis of different types of triangle caused marriage problems and their effects on the families close to them to the apparently crazy events that SEASON 2 THREATENED! There is a name in Korean that describes those types of melodramas where emotions and reality are exaggerated but I cannot remember it right now. I would understand, this last being the possible resin, why these two famous and serious actors would not want to participate in that circus!

  • I will miss them both in the series. The way they carried their parts made it so believable and you felt the emotion. I hope the new actors can bring more to the table. I will miss both Lee Tae Gon and Song Hoon. Love you both

  • I will missed both them the drama will not be the same without the image of the of them but probably they have a good reason why they are not going to join them I respect what ever decision they make Hope and pray that everything will be ok love you both GOD bless

  • If Lee Tae Gon doesn’t play his row in the third season then I feel like it would just be a waist of time to watch. He was the one I got so angry at for cheating on his wife and then tried to come up with all those lame excuses and reasons for her not to divorce him. She treated him like a king and had so much trust in him. I guess it bothered me so much cause I’ve been where she was. Just had to voice my opinion!