‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ Child Actors and Staff Member Say Contradicting Things About Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho support
Kim Seon Ho support
Credit: tvN

Kim Seon Ho continues to be a hot potato. While Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘s child actors’ mothers posted writings in support of the actor, a staff member’s interview said something completely opposite.

On the 26th, Go Do Yeon (Bora), Ki Eun Yoo (Lee Joon), and Kim Min Seo (Joo Ri) posted pictures taken with Kim Seon Ho on their Instagram accounts. All three accounts are managed by the actors’ mothers, meaning that the posts were also written by the mothers.

Kim Seon Ho support
Credit: Instagram, Sports Chosun

Go Do Yeon and Ki Eun Yoo’s mothers uploaded pictures of their children receiving autographs from Kim Seon Ho. In particular, Kim Min Seo’s mother wrote the caption, “Believe only what you see, only say what you know. A happy memory to be remembered for a long time.”

Soon, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’s staff member also drew attention by writing, “Get back on your feet asap, just like Chief Hong. Kim Seon Ho, fighting!” The actor’s fans responded enthusiastically to the support shown by those who worked with him in his most recent project.

Kim Seon Ho support
Credit: tvN

However, on the 27th, another staff member from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha said something totally different in an interview with 10Asia. “Kim Seon Ho made people very uncomfortable at the filming site by frequently making an annoyed face,” he said. “As someone who actually worked with him a lot, I don’t want to root for him.”


According to him, while filming the scene where he shares a meal with Lee Sang Yi at Kim Young OK’s house, Kim Seon Ho found something in the food. “I know that that’s something that could put him on a bad moon. But after that, the staff tried to refill the dish, but he so sternly said no, embarrassing everyone.”

He added, “He’s kind to the actors and always has a smile on his face. But whenever he’s not satisfied with his acting, he would blame the staff and make awkward situations.”


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  • There is always two sides of a coin and that fact goes to the comments heated about Kim Seon Ho. He might have some flaws on his personality but nobody is perfect! I am not privileged to comment on his being a person but giving my opinion only on the drama itself and how the cast did their roles as well as the very nice storyline. In fairness he did an ace performance!

  • Kim Seon Ho provided a wonderful portrayal of his character in Hometown Cha Cha Cha. It was a feel good romance story in.a beautiful setting. Please judge him on his acting ability not alleged rumours. Some of our British actors have been in.jail.etc. but we judge them on their acting ability and praise them for changing their lives for the good. If someone becomes famous there are always people who spread rumours and lies to either get money for their stories, become famous or they are jealous. If people who are behind these stories cannot reveal their names, do you really think they are telling the truth? Why not have the courage of their convictions and say who they are.I think it’s disgraceful.a promising young actor is being treated so unfairly and being victimised over a personal issue only he and his girlfriend at the time know the truth of. Private life is private Public life is different. What law did he break ? How many of us have done or said somethimg we are ashamed of, either in School or workplace or at home and can never correct or apologise for. HOW MANY ?Thankyou Korea for providing some of the best films and shows for our entertainment. Long may you continue, You have many terrific Actors and Actresses, look after them and don’t believe everything you read or hear.

    • Some South Koreans need to get off their “high horse” of unfogiveness and learn to look past people’s “short coming” I’m an outsider looking in and from observation and a “birds eye view” of how other Koreans ostrasize their own, it seems to me that generally it’s hard for most to look past people’s weaknesses and errors and give them a 2nd, what to say 3rd or 4th chance at life. This often leads to the ruining of lives for the persons and their loved ones. Food for thought: Remember, no one is perfect, no not one, not even the ones who won’t let go and let forgiveness take it’s course. “What goes around comes around.”

  • Not that I’m much of a fan of Kim Seon Ho, but why does it sounds to me as I read this article that the said hometown chachacha staff is just sensitive? It is normal for anyone to be picky in food. Specially if you feel something wrong. Let’s say I gave you a bowl of food with a floating fly, then I throw it and refill it for another scoop. It is normal to be paranoid if that fly just drop by the time it was served or actually along with the food when it was cooked. In the part that he gets moody when he makes mistakes that put others in akward position. Do you know how great the Actors and Actresses’ adlib in this series? To deliver that without getting in a mood, I would rather call them SAINTS OF K-DRAMA not casts.

    • Actually the foreign object was a stapler.

      Kim seon ho said “let’s be careful”
      It’s on the Korean news refuted by another staff.

    • It was a stapler in the food…and it was almost eaten by an actor/actress.
      What kind of reaction was the staff expecting on such a situation?

      It’s on the Korean news online now

  • The staff need to be competent too. Do your job better. The actor need to act with the food and you need to make sure that it is good quality. If you haven’t, then that is totally lack of respect. You don’t know how to do your job. I will probably asked you to be fired.

  • Who the hell is this staff? Maybe he or she is just a friend of the cheater Girlfriend of Kim Seon Ho. How dare you break our Seon ho’s career.

  • Kim Seon Ho’s Girlfriend divorcee but Seon Ho still accepts you but you spread fake news. You should be the one who is suffer all what Seon Ho have went this few weeks ago.

  • Our Seon Ho is sweet and nice not like anyone who just knows how to bad mouth someone

  • He’s no angel. He’s just a human. Is he not allowed to have human emotions, to be annoyed, upset, angry? Nobody’s perfect. Human do have ups & down even if he or she is the best in the eyes of others.
    So funny you Korean people. You take everything so seriously.

  • The “staffer” who is trying to make KSH look bad is a coward. They are just jumping on the bandwagon of hate and making small situations into big ones.. ONE STAFFER OUT OF HOW MANY. KSH we stand with you. You have worked hard and now haters are ant to tear you down. FIGHTING!!!!!

  • They should stop putting Kim Seon Ho and other actors on a pedestal. They’re just human! The standards they put on these actors are unrealistic. Give Kim Seon Ho a break! Stop putting him in a bad light already!

  • Found something… Like … a bug maybe? A cockroach? Yikes, I would also be very wary to eat anything from that kitchen again.

  • It really sounds like this staff is just so sensitive. 🤔 professionalism? 🧐 can’t see it.

    You better reflect as well if you’re a person who never gets grumpy in the midst of pressure. KSH is a human too!

  • He is a good actor and actors are human too , they have the right to smile, cry, get angry and frown because they’re not God
    At the same time everyone must not like you , even this person talking there are people who doesn’t like your way and people who also like your ways. If you know you can’t work with him, look for another job and stop be irrelevant 😴🙄

  • He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones look it up in the bible now leave the lad alone to get on with his life.

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