Kim Seon Ho’s Scandal Enters a New Phase as Dispatch Releases Detailed Report Regarding His Relationship with His Ex

Kim Seon Ho ex Girlfriend

The scandal surrounding actor Kim Seon Ho entered a new phase with Dispatch’s report.

Kim Seon Ho ex Girlfriend
Credit: SALT Entertainment

On the 26th, Dispatch reported that there are “12 distorted truths’ ‘in relation to the recent controversy over Kim Seon Ho’s private life. They reported the actor and his ex’s relationship in detail in chronological order.

According to the content, Kim Seon Ho and his ex (Choi Young Ah) met during a gathering with acquaintances at the end of 2019. The two started dating in March last year, and by mid-March, she revealed to him that she got divorced in the past.

Soon after that, Kim texted his close friend, “I want to continue this relationship. I’m seeing her because I like her as a person. Of course, my parents will be concerned. But it doesn’t make a difference that she’s been married and got divorced.”

Dispatch then countered Choi’s claims that they “had to date secretly and couldn’t even hold hands outside” by revealing a photo of her and the actor posing together at a pet café in Pocheon with their dog taken in October 2020.

Kim Seon Ho ex Girlfriend
Credit: Dispatch

The couple split up on July 7th, 2020, due to Choi’s lies. However, the two got back together the next day after A texted a lengthy apology message to Kim. Park of the text reads, “You must feel angry and betrayed. But it really wasn’t on purpose, and it’s because I thoughtlessly just wanted to be happy. Can you give me a chance just this once..? I’ll try to build your trust again.”

According to Dispatch, the two confirmed their pregnancy on the 24th of the same month. Kim’s acquaintance B shared, “At first, he (Kim Seon Ho) congratulated her that it was a blessing. I think he was scared about it, though, and thought hard. Then the two agreed to let the baby go.”

“While I went to the hospital with her, he went to buy ingredients for seaweed soup. And he’s someone who can’t cook at all,” B also added. “Kim Seon Ho tried to understand her because she was a person he loved. Also, he didn’t want to fight in front of the entire nation about his private life. So he apologized instead of refuting her. He just had a normal relationship just like all the other people.”

Kim Seon Ho ex Girlfriend
Credit: Dispatch

Even after the abortion, Kim and Choi continued their relationship. According to Choi’s friend C, she met Kim Seon Ho’s parents after the abortion, ate with them, and even slept at their place. This claim completely counters Choi’s claim about how Kim made a believable promise about marriage and introducing her to his parents.

Chio’s other friend D also took Kim’s side regarding Choi’s claims of Kim being stingy. She commented, “Her indulgent spending was tough on Kim Seon Ho. For Christmas, she got a designer bag worth 7 million KRW (about $6,008). She purchased it with her card then received a money transfer from Kim Seon Ho. We know about it because she boasted about it.”


These are some additional quotes from C and D.
“He must have been sick of the lies. It’s ironic that she is blaming Kim Seon Ho.”
“She is extremely obsessive. She opened his phone to check his texts and DMs.”
“She hoped that Kim Seon Ho would return after his downfall. And It really happened.”

Based on all the information they have gathered, Dispatch concluded that Kim and Choi met until April 2021 and officially ended their relationship in May.

In response to Dispatch’s report, Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment stated, “We have nothing to say. We apologize.”


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