Top 3 Most-Viewed Clips from ‘One the Woman’

One the Woman
One the Woman
Credit: SBS

SBS’s One the Woman �continues to be the hottest topic, setting its highest ratings for two weeks in a row and getting listed in YouTube’s Top 10 trending videos. In this regard, One the Woman unveiled the Top 3 clips with the highest views among all the clips released since the premiere.


1. Jo Yeon Joo Shows Off Her Amazing Language Skill (Episode 2)

The video that shows Jo Yeon Joo (Lee Ha Nee) shutting up her in-laws with her language skills ranked first. After starting the hellish routine of a household of a chaebol family, she gave a big laugh as she bad-mouthed her in-laws to a maid who pretends not to speak Korean. In particular, when her in-laws started gossiping about her in English, she naturally melted into the conversation, boasting her fluent English, amusing the viewers. On top of that, she additionally spoke fluent French and Vietnamese, allowing a cathartic experience.


2. Killer Blow to Mistress Park So Yi (Episode 3)

The video that captures Jo Yeon Joo’s cool reaction after seeing her husband Han Sun Woon (Song Won Seok) with his mistress Park So Yi (Park Jung Hwa) ranked second. Jo Yeon Joo runs into the two unfaithful people in the parking lot when she goes to search for a clue in Kang Mina’s (Lee Ha Nee) car. When Park So Yi showed a disrespectful attitude, Jo Yeon Joo burst out her frustration, unlike Kang Mina, who failed to say anything even after witnessing their affair. Feeling exasperated, she shouts out, “So you two are having an affair, and I knew about that? And you so brazenly came in and out of this place?” When Park So Yi dared to respond with anger, Jo Yeon Joo took a parting shot, yelling, “Don’t you ever visit this house again!”


3. Jo Yeon Joo Perfectly Transforms into the CEO (Episode 5)

The video that shows Jo Yeon Joo, who has zero problems doing business as the new Yumin Group CEO, ranked third. Before the meeting, Noh Hak Tae (Kim Chang Wan), who knows that Jo Yeon Joo is not Kang Mina, told Jo Yeon Joo to accept all proposals if possible in order to maintain the situation. However, Jo Yeon Joo caught the executives off guard by pointing out every problem in the new business with the knowledge and experiences she had accumulated as a prosecutor.

The production crew shared, “You will continue to burst into laughter during your weary daily life with One the Woman clips. The exhilaration of delightful scenes and the thrill of the twists will keep on coming. Please look forward.”


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