Top 6 Moments of ‘The Veil’ that Recorded the Highest Ratings

The Veil Namgoong Min
The Veil Namgoong Min
Credit: MBC

The Veil continues to be a hot topic with thrilling action scenes and twists that were rarely seen in TV series.

In the latest episode of The Veil, a shocking story unfolded. Han Ji Hyuk’s (Namgoong Min) partner Yoo Jae Yi (Kim Ji Eun) betrayed him, while Seo Soo Yeon (Park Ha Sun) was shot and fell into a coma. Now, this 12-part series has reached its turning point. With the article, we introduce the most immersive scenes of the first half that have captivated the viewers.


Colorful Car Chasing and Action Scenes

Learning that the Shenyang case from a year ago is related to the Chinese drug cartel Hua Yang, Han chases after crime lord Hwang Mo Sol. This car chase scene in episode 2 recorded 11.1 ratings (according to Nielsen Korea). The thrilling chase and Namgoong Min’s passionate performance created a perfect synergy, leading to the rise of The Veil‘s popularity.

For the penthouse action scene in episode 3, where Han fought against the members of the Hua Yang, the ratings soared as high as 12%. The spectacular action scene that was rarely shown on the small screen was followed with enthusiastic cheers.


New Characters and the Secrets They Revealed

The best moment in episode 4 is when Han confronts the song of Manager Choi, who died mysteriously while helping Han find the identity of an insider traitor. At the moment, the ratings rose up to 11.4%. Riding a subway and surrounded by NIS agents, the two exchange the clues they have each found, creating tension that makes the viewers sweat.

The scene where Yoo discovers the identity of black agent Jang Chun Woo and informs Han about it garnered the highest ratings of 11% in episode 5. As such, The Veil spotlights the entrance of new characters and the truths they bring about, constantly injecting tension into the play.


A Series of Shocking Twists

Han, who was struggling to find the memories he lost from the moment his colleagues died, accidentally came upon a video file on a USB. And in the video, he sees the message he left for himself. Hearing himself say, “I erased my own memories to find the traitor,” Han falls into shock. This scene, which decorated the end of episode 1, saw ratings of 12.1%. �

Another shocking twist unfolded in episode 6. After hearing that Seo, who has been in a coma after being shot, woke up, Han headed to the hospital, only to find NIS agents lurking in the place. His partner Yoo, who entrapped Han with lies, even deleted a video that proves Han’s alibi. Shocking the viewers with an unexpected twist, the scene gained 13.2% ratings.


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