Squid Game Actor Park Hae Soo Expresses His Hopes to Appear in the Series Again

squid game park hae soo
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game star Park Hae Soo shared his thoughts on his latest hit drama during a video interview with iMBC. In the series, he played a man named Cho Sang Woo. He graduated from a prestigious university and quickly climbed the career ladder. However, he found himself in huge debt due to an investment failure.

Park Hae Soo said, “I was so excited to be part of this series, especially because of its quality script. I’m starting to realize the extent of its popularity. But I never knew that it would become this big and come in first on the global streaming list. I am so grateful that I was in this work.”

Regarding the popularity of the series, he said, “I liked the stories of characters that I could easily relate to, and I also liked how the drama brings old Korean playground games into the story.”

When he was asked to pick the most memorable review he has ever received, he said, “There was the one that said that my character seemed utterly realistic. They said that they’d done the same thing if they were him. Such reviews help so much, and they often motivate me. I’m glad that I was able to get across how my character felt. Also, I loved the review that said they appreciate the hot middle-aged man.”

Credit: Netflix

Squid Game also became a hot topic for its fantastic set. Park Hae Soo said, “In reality, it’s unbelievable. It has the power to captivate people. It was so beautiful that I felt strangely lonely. I even felt like it wouldn’t be a crime to kill the person next to me. I naturally became part of the space even without realizing the fact that I was playing a character in a series. In a way, it was a horrifying and cruel space.”

Earlier in another interview, Lee Jung Jae praised Park Hae Soo for lightening up the mood on the film set. Upon hearing this, Park said jokingly, “I think he got me right.” He continued, “In fact, Lee Jung Jae and Jeong Ho Yeon were the life of the party. Because playing these characters in the series was mentally draining, so we talked to each other a lot. Lee was always at the center of that. I was very grateful that he approached the fellow actors first. He made the set a lively and welcoming place.

There are constant demands on its second season. Regarding the possible season 2, he remarked, “It’s a shame that I can’t be part of the sequel because my character was killed in the first season. But I think the character had to die. I wish there’s a prequel that includes Cho Sang Woo’s hidden story. Even if he could appear in the second season, it could only be possible in Ki Hoon’s dreams.” He added, “I still have many questions on the group of masked men in the series. If there will be a season 2, I hope it deals with their recruitment and hierarchy system.”

Park Hae Soo is currently working on two other Netflix series, Money Heist and Suriname. Plus, he has one upcoming movie, Yacha, he starred with Seol Kyung Gu. His new movie will be released on Netflix as well.


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