Kim Woo Bin Talks about Cherishing Present Moments and Appreciating Small Things in Life

Kim Woo Bin
Kim Woo Bin
Credit: GQ Korea

Kim Woo Bin recently participated in a pictorial and interview for the latest issue of GQ Korea.

In the interview followed by the photoshoot, Kim Woo Bin shared his thoughts on cherishing the present moments and appreciating little things in life.

Kim Woo Bin
Credit: GQ Korea

He stated, “I used to spend a lot of time meaninglessly. However, these days, I focus on living in the moment and try to open my heart up to others more. Whenever I call it a night, I think to myself, ‘Even if I could go back to today’s morning, I can’t think of anything I’d change.’”

In addition, he remarked, “In a situation where I have to repeat the acting multiple times, I tend to focus on the feelings of that moment even more,” explaining how his changed mindset enabled him to change his interpretation of his characters at work.

Kim Woo Bin said his most favorite expression is “thank you” and revealed that he writes a daily journal about what he’s thankful for.

At some point, Kim Woo Bin has taken things a lot slower, and this new way of life has also influenced his acting career. He revealed, “In the past, I often said that I wanted to turn 40. To me, actors in their 40s looked very cool. Now, I like myself as I am. 33. It’s an age that isn’t too young or too old, so I think it’s a good age to get ready for a fresh start.”

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin’s upcoming film Alien is waiting to release soon.

Kim Woo Bin
Credit: GQ Korea

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