Han So Hee Turned into a Badass for Netflix’s ‘My Name’

Netflix My Name Han So Hee
Netflix My Name Han So Hee
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s My Name has released a no-edit action scene of Han So Hee.

My Name is a story about a woman who joins a crime gang and infiltrates the police as an undercover agent to discover the truth about her father’s death. Recently, Netflix dropped the wild and uncensored action scene of Han So Hee.

The released video starts with Ji Woo (Han So Hee) entering a drug dealer’s hideout during an undercover investigation. In the middle of the enemy’s hideout, Han So Hee takes on goons by herself and exudes intense charisma, making it impossible to take your eyes off.

Netflix My Name Han So Hee
Credit: Netflix

The breathtaking stunts and realistic fighting scenes taking place in a narrow space raise tension. In particular, seeing Han So Hee swinging the cudgel, her presence fills the scene completely. Director Kim Jin Min lavished praise, saying, “Han So Hee is an actress who does not spare her body. She is someone who finds an answer herself and ponders about what she has to do.”

This action video featuring the complete transformation of Han So Hee was released during Netflix’s global fan event TUDUM on the 26th, doubling the expectations and receiving explosive responses from viewers around the world.

Meanwhile, Extracurricular director Kim Jin Min‘s new project My Name will premiere on October 15th.

Source: Netflix

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