Jo Jung Suk Says ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Is More Special Because It’s His First Seasonal Drama

Jo Jung Suk Hospital Playlist
Credit: Jam Entertainment

Hospital Playlist 2 aired its final episode yesterday. Jo Jung Suk shared his thoughts about finishing the project. 

In Hospital Playlist, Jo played Lee Ik Jun and filled the small screen with his pleasant energy. He also showed impressive performances as an actor with a wide spectrum, delivering excitement, sympathy, and afterglow. 

Jo Jung Suk Hospital Playlist
Credit: Jam Entertainment

Q1. ‘Lee Ik Jun’ received great love. How do you feel?

Since I’ve spent so much time with the Hospital Playlist and as Lee Ik Jun, I’m a lot sadder about the end. I was delighted to have met and acted with good characters and good actors in the project. I believe that you were as happy as I was.

Q2. 99s’ chemistry was a hot topic. How did you guys get along on the set?

I’ve spent so much time with my 99s friends, so not meeting them often will feel awkward. Ik Jun and Song Hwa naturally developed their feelings for each other within the friendship of 99s. So I think that’s what the viewers sympathized with. The atmosphere of the filming set was comfortable and friendly as if I were with my old friends. And you can see that in the behind-the-scenes videos. This relationship feels more precious as time goes by.

Q3. What is the most memorable scene or line for you?

I liked everything, but I especially loved episode 4. The actors who played Min Chan and Eun Ji’s mothers had shown such great performances that the afterglow lasted long.

Q4. What is the most memorable song for you?

Also for the song, the song “Let’s Forget It” that we performed in episode 4 is the most memorable for me. The overall plot (of the episode) and Kyung Ho’s voice blended it perfectly together. I also remember our only pop song, “It’s My Life.” Ik Jun picked the piece on his birthday. From the outfits to the song’s mood, I think it was probably the biggest challenge among all the songs we sang in the Hospital Playlist

Q5. What kind of work is ‘Hospital Playlist’ for Jo Jung Suk?

I think it will become a project that comes to mind from time to time and can be remembered happily. I felt proud and grateful to hear that many people got new medical information through the drama and that the number of people wishing to donate organs had increased. It will be remembered even more special as I challenged my first seasonal drama and worked with my fellow actors for a long time.

Q6. What’s your future plan?

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the viewers who have loved and cared for Hospital Playlist. I look forward to seeing you again with a better performance in my next film, The Land of Happiness.


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