[PICK] Korean Romance Movies to Be Released in the Latter Half of 2021 & 2022

upcoming korean romance movies

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Since the mid-2010s, the romance genre has lost its power in Korean cinema. But recently, news of upcoming korean romance movies has hit the wire, delighting the fans of K-romance. Among the coming-up movies, we picked the 7 most-anticipated movies that are gearing up for their release. From rom-com that illustrates singles’ stories to a youthful romance story – let’s look into the upcoming release with a variety of subjects, genres, and content.


Single in Seoul

upcoming korean romance movies
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Single in Seoul is a fresh rom-com that revolves around an influencer who loves being single and a publishing editor who hates being single. The story follows a series of events as they work together to make a book about living a single life.

Lee Dong Wook will play Park Young Ho, a lecturer who becomes an influencer on social media for his posts that promotes single life. Im Soo Jung plays Joo Hyun Jin, a talented editor who loves reading books, but has a poor track record when it comes to dating. Esom appears as a mysterious best-selling writer.

It’s a new slate of romantic comedy that we’ve been all waiting for with Lee Dong Wook and Im Soo Jung’s highly anticipated romance. As it depicts the romance between two characters with conflicting views about “single life,” the key to success will lie in how realistic the story is.


Romance Without Dating (literal title)

upcoming korean romance movies
Credit: Netflix

Romance Without dating tells the story of a 34-year-man who hates being alone but fears the dating world and a 29-year-old woman who wants to date but is clueless when it comes to dating, meeting through a dating app. It’s a commercial film debut of director Jung Ga Young, who has showcased daring stories of women’s love and desire (Bitch on the Beach, Hit the Night, Heart).

Jeon Jong Seo takes on the role of Ja Young, who dreamt of living a mature and independent adult life in her 30s but ended up with a life full of debt and failures. After being dumped by a boyfriend she dated for a week, she gives up on dating. Son Seok Koo turns into Woo Ri, a rookie journalist of a magazine who writes about sex when his dream was to become an author of a novel.

Since Jeon played intense characters in Burning and The Call, expectations for her performance in rom-com are already high.


Happy New Year

upcoming korean romance movies
Credit: BH Entertainment, King Kong by Starship, th Company, SM Entertainment, Man Of Creation, Yooborn Company, Wide-S Company

Happy New Year, set to be released in theaters and on TVING, centers around the people who visit the hotel “Emross” with their own stories. Like New Year Blues, which was released earlier this year, it’s a romance movie with multicasting. The A-list lineup definitely catches the eye.

Han Ji Min plays a hotel manager who has had a crush on her friend for 15 years. Lee Dong Wook takes on the role of young and capable CEO of hotel Emross. Besides the two, Kang Ha Neul, YoonA, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Kwang Soo, and more will appear as the guests and staff of the hotel.

Attention focuses on whether director Kwak Jae Young, who had dominated the 2000s (My Sassy Girl, The Classic), will produce another masterpiece.


Moral Sense (working title)

upcoming korean romance movies
Credit: Namoo Actors, MBC

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the new Netflix film Moral Sense illustrates the romance between a man with a special taste and a woman who happens to come across his secret.

Seohyun plays Jung Ji Woo, a woman who leads a special relationship with her co-worker after she accidentally learns his secret taste. Jung Ji Soo, played by Lee Jun Young, is a man who hides his secret taste behind his perfect looks.

The key to success will lie in how boldly and wittily the original film will unravel the unique plot of one’s secret sexual desire being discovered by a co-worker.


The Twentieth Century Girl

upcoming korean romance movies
Credit: Awesome Ent, VARO entertainment

The Twentieth Century Girl, another Netflix romance film, paints out the special moments of first love and strong friendship. It’s a feature debut of director Bang Woo Ri, who won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Short Film with Mrs. Young, a short film about a woman meeting her first love’s son.

Kim Yoo Jung plays Na Bo Ra, who slowly faces a dilemma between her friend and love. � Byeon Woo Seok will play Poong Woon Ho, Bora’s broadcasting club teammate. Rookie actress Noh Yoon Seo plays Yeon Doo, Bo Ra’s BFF. Park Jung Woo turns into Yeon Doo’s crush and Woon Ho’s best friend, Baek Hyun Jin.

Will the movie, which tells a pure and youthful story against the backdrop of 1999, the last year of the 20th century, summon fond memories of our first love?


Decision to Leave �

upcoming korean romance movies
Credit: CJ entertainment

Decision to Leave is a work written by director Park Chan Wook and his longtime partner, writer Jung Seo Kyung. The story begins as a detective who investigates a murder case feels suspicious and intrigued after meeting the deceased’s wife.

Detective Hae Joon, played by Park Hae Il, is a thorough man who works on the case he’s assigned to day and night. After meeting the deceased’s wife, Seo Rae, his world starts to shake. Tang Wei, who stars in a Korean movie after a long time, plays Seo Rae, a mysterious woman. She will be adding tension to the play.

Lee Jung Hyun plays Jung Ahn, Hae Joon’s wife and a talented career woman. Also, Go Kyung Pyo turns into Soo Wan, Hae Joon’s junior partner who raises questions about Hae Joon’s investigation. Lastly, Park Yong Woo plays Ho Shin, another man who shows up in Seo Rae’s journey.

The meeting of director Park Chan Wook and actress Tang Wei had already made headlines. Plus, the fact that it is a mystery romance – a very rare genre in Korean cinema – raises curiosity.


Killing Romance (working title)

upcoming korean romance movies
Credit: Saram Entertainment, tvN, HODU&U Entertainment

Killing Romance revolves around Korea’s top actress. Though she had given up everything for her marriage, she makes a big decision to regain her lost life. Lee Ha Nee plays Hwang Yeo Rae, a has-been actress. Joining her are Gong Myung, who plays her next-door neighbor Kim Bum Woo, and Lee Sun Kyun as Jonathan Na, the large landowner of an island and real estate businessman.

It’s a new project by director Lee Won Suk, who showcased the B comedy film How to Use Guys with Secret Tips. Attention focuses on what kind of fun the movie will present by combining the musical genre with comedy.


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