Park Eun Bin Turns into a Handsome and Icy Crown Prince for ‘The King’s Affection’

Park Eun Bin drama Affection
Park Eun Bin drama Affection
Credit: KBS

Park Eun Bin, the never-failing actress, turned into a handsome, icy crown prince for her new historical drama, The King’s Affection.

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series The King’s Affection is a historical romance drama about an abandoned child who was born as twins in the palace. Although she was abandoned for being female, when her twin brother, who was raised as a crown prince, dies, she steps in his shoes dressed as a guy. It’s a TV adaptation of the comics of the same name.

The King’s Affection marks Park Eun Bin’s return to a historical genre in 7 years. In the series, she will play crown prince Lee Hwi who hides her real identity as a woman. Since such a setting is unheard of, attention is already focusing on the drama.

Park Eun Bin drama Affection
Credit: KBS

And today, the production team unveiled the still photos of Park, heralding the birth of a handsome “woman prince.”

“Park Eun Bin completes an incomparable aura of crown prince Lee Hwi with just her eyes. She’s showcasing an awe-inspiring performance,” the crew added. “Please show your interest for Park Eun Bin’s acting that’ll fill Lee Hwi’s special story with delicate emotions, and ‘The King’s Affection.'”

Meanwhile, The Beauty Inside and Another Miss Oh director Song Hyun Wook will helm the production with Clean With Passion For Now screenwriter Han Hee Jung penning the script. The series will premiere on October 11th at 9:30 PM KST.


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