‘You Are My Spring’ Nam Gyu Ri Shares that Acting Makes Her the Most Excited

You Are My Spring Nam Gyu Ri
You Are My Spring Nam Gyu Ri
Credit: tvN

In the recently-ended tvN series You Are My Spring, Nam Gyu Ri played Ahn Ga Young and added vitality to the work. Completing a narrative of a woman who overcomes her pain, she drew sympathy and gave us comfort. Nam Gyu Ri convincingly portrayed Ahn Ga Young’s emotional changes, widening her spectrum as an actress. As a result, she received favorable reviews for her solid performance.

The actress shared her feelings about starring in You Are My Spring through her agency.

You Are My Spring Nam Gyu Ri
Credit: tvN

Q1. Is there anything you focused on while preparing for your character?

It was my first time starring in a warm romance series like You Are My Spring, so I had a lot of fun. I mainly focused on breathing life into the role. Rather than trying to create a character, I tried to find the things she has in common with me and express that. Also, I pondered how to differentiate the “top star” setting that appeared in many dramas.

Q2. What’s the charm of Ahn Ga Young?

Ahn Ga Young is honest and outspoken on the outside, but she’s someone who overcame the pain from the past. So I found the sadness and darkness in her mind attractive. Anyone who has a painful history has a shadow they hide. I think I pulled off Ga Young because I understood the emotional part, that she might be someone who has overcome more sorrows than we can possibly think of.

Q3. What does Ahn Ga Young mean to you?

Ahn Ga Young was a challenge and adventure in many ways for me. It was a new chapter for me where I could focus solely on the character and an opportunity that allowed me to try the new genre.

Q4. What was it like working with Seo Hyun Jin?

We had hit it off from the first filming. Many of the emotions I felt as I acted were like the camaraderie between friends. Our reactions were in perfect harmony even without any special rehearsal. That’s why I grew more fond of her. She was a good actress, a good partner, and a good friend.

Q5. You’ve celebrated your 15th debut anniversary this year.

I sang for nearly 5 years and acted in earnest for about 10 years now. As time and experience accumulate, I get to see more and feel more. From now on, I want to show various works that I haven’t experienced yet, like romance, action, and historical genres. Whenever I act, I’m the most excited on the set.

Q6. What’s your goal as an actress?

I don’t have a specific goal. I want to be a good actor who shows good performance. I think a good person can have good emotions. I want to become an actress who can express such emotions well and convey sincerity through my acting. To be able to act is a great fortune, and I’m grateful for it. I want to be an actress for a long time.

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