NCT’s Lucas Accused of ‘Gaslighting’ His Ex-Girlfriend

NCT Lucas

NCT LucasCredit: YTN

The boy group NCT’s Lucas became the target of an alleged dating scandal.

On August 23rd, an internet user “A” uploaded a piece of photo evidence and a long thread that detailed what Lucas had allegedly done.

In her post, “A” stated that she and Lucas were together for several years. “Lucas approached me first, and I gave him my phone number. That’s how we started dating. But he wanted to break up with me because he had some scheduling conflicts. So, we parted ways without holding a grudge against each other. But things began to head south real soon.”

“A” continued, “The next day, Lucas said that he missed me and wanted to stay friends with me. So, I agreed. However, whenever he had a day off, he came over to my hotel rooms and apartment and demanded that I should pay for everything he spends.” She claimed that he had done the same thing when they were still together. She shared that she even had to pay for a pack of cigarettes for him because he wouldn’t want to go out to buy it for himself or get caught by his agency by using his credit card.

“He gaslit me by saying that there’s no one else who could understand him. He came over to my hotel room so that he could enjoy the room service and sleep. And every time he checked out, he ghosted on me without even saying a simple word of gratitude. It seemed like he took everything for granted.”

Meanwhile, Lucas has not issued any response regarding the allegation.

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