Lee Chung Ah and Park Gyu Young to Take Lead in the New Netflix Series ‘Celebrity’

Park Gyu Young drama
Credit: Kingsland, Saram Entertainment
Park Gyu Young drama
Credit: Kingsland, Saram Entertainment

Lee Chung Ah and Park Gyu Young will star in the new Netflix series Celebrity.

According to JTBC News, Lee and Park recently joined the new 12-part series Celebrity to be released on Netflix. Celebrity centers around the emerging class called “celebrity” and those who envy them. It features the fierce and turbulent fears and painful and sad desires surrounding this world.

Lee Chang Ah plays Yoon Shi Hyung, a woman who has never experienced turbulence during her peaceful life. As a daughter of a distinguished family, she grew up to be an elegant woman. But she is also a woman who can make a grown man cry with her words once she considers his action “wrong.” In other words, she’s an ideal upper-class woman.

Park Gyu Young turns into Seo Ah Ri, a daughter of a rich family who is pretty and intelligent. Being at the center of attention is normal for her, but everything changed 10 years ago when she was studying abroad. Her choice that day allowed her to reach a pinnacle, but that was also the fastest way to the bottom.

Celebrity depicts the current era full of social media influencers. The series shows the fun of peeping into the real world that we see inside the screen and tells the exciting yet uncomfortable stories of sick minds who strangely resemble us. On top of that, a secretive mystery and thriller with a hint of sadness will unfold.


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