Choo Ja Hyun Confirmed to Star In ‘While You Were Sleeping’

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Credit: BH Entertainment, StoryJCompany

Choo Ja Hyun will join Lee Moo Saeng in the film While You Were Sleeping.

On August 13th, BH Entertainment announced that Choo Ja Hyun would play Yoon Deok Hee, the main character of the film While You Were Sleeping.

Jang Yoon Hyun, who directed The Contact and Tell Me Something, will exec produce While You Were Sleeping.

Choo Ja Hyun’s character Yoon Deok Hee is a woman who loses her memory in an accident during her happy marriage with his boyfriend Kim Joon Seok (Lee Moo Saeng), who she has dated since college.

Choo Ja Hyun, who is making a long-awaited return, will become Yoon Deok Hee, who lives her life as a woman, and wife of someone in While You Were Sleeping.

Lee Moo Saeng will take the role of Kim Jun Seok, a man who married Yoon Deok Hee, who he has dated since college​. He is a loving husband and a warm-hearted novelist.

While You Were Sleeping began production in July.


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