Lee Kwang Soo Says Returning to ‘Running Man’ Would Feel Like Returning to His Hometown

Lee Kwang Soo movie Sinkhole
Lee Kwang Soo movie Sinkhole
Credit: Showbox

Lee Kwang Soo, who starred in the movie Sinkhole, shared his thoughts on the movie’s release in a video interview on August 9th. Lee plays Mr. Kim, an unlucky office worker who lacks confidence but lightens up the play with his charm and humor.

He said, “Actually, Sinkhole was scheduled to be released last year, but it was delayed due to various issues. I am grateful that it finally came out.” He continued, “I want to thank Cha Seung Won the most. He is the most experienced actor on the set, and he warmly welcomed every single one of us. He would approach me first, and we shared a wonderful conversation. I just loved being on the set.”

Lee Kwang Soo movie Sinkhole
Credit: Showbox

The Sinkhole cast unanimously praised Lee Kwang Soo for his hard work. It is said that he was always the first to arrive and last to leave the set. A source said he was so focused on acting that he didn’t even look at his cell phone.

“My colleagues commented a lot about me not looking at my cell phone on set. That was not necessarily about helping myself focus on my role. I just felt bad for the staff members who are always working, like setting up the devices, even when I’m not filming. I figured it would be better to chat with them than do my own stuff,” he said with a shy smile on his face and added that he was even a little embarrassed by this.

“The director said multiple times that he liked that a lot on set, so I couldn’t dare look at my phone even when I had to. In other movies, I don’t usually avoid looking at my phone to this extent. It’s all because of the director’s praise.”

Lee Kwang Soo movie Sinkhole
Credit: Showbox

Recently, Lee Kwang Soo has stepped down from Running Man for health reasons.

“Many people say that I have returned to my main job, but there’s no huge change. Now that I am not doing Running Man, the pressure to show something new is not as great as before. But, I will stay active in my acting career and I am hopeful that there will be some people who would appreciate it.”

When asked about his potential guest appearance in Running Man, he replied, “I think starring as a guest would be fun, but then it would feel strange. It’ll be nice to go back there, but at the same time, it’d feel like returning to my hometown after a long while. And seeing myself not as the regular member of it will be sad a little bit.”

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo has been dating in public with actress Lee Sun Bin since 2018. Regarding his relationship, he said, “We’re still in a good relationship like other ordinary couples. (Even though we are celebrities.) We eat delicious food outside, and we are doing well.”

Lee Kwang Soo also expressed his gratitude for Jo In Sung. “We support each other a lot. The audience loves his movie Escape from Mogadishu. I’ve actually seen it twice. I’ve talked with In Sung that to be able to release the movie in this pandemic is a miracle and something we should feel grateful for.”


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