Kim So Hye’s School Violence Accuser Turns Out to be the Perpetrator

Kim So Hye School Violence
Kim So Hye School Violence
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Kim So Hye‘s agency has set things straight regarding the actress’s school violence scandal.

On the 27th, Kim So Hye’s agency gave an official update on the actress’s school violence scandal.

“Following Kim So Hye’s debut, several malicious posts claimed to be the victims of her school violence,” they wrote. “And during the investigation, we have identified the person who started the rumors.” That person had stated that she uploaded the post out of curiosity and submitted a written apology.

“The suspect who claimed to have been bullied was, in fact, one of the perpetrators of a school violence case that Kim So Hye was a victim in her middle school years,” they continued. “The suspect admitted her wrongdoings during the investigation. Then she submitted a written apology stating that she wrote the post out of jealousy and that she’s reflecting on her action.”

Kim So Hye Guimoon
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“Through this incident, Kim So Hye will look back on her actions from her younger days. She will also work hard to become a better adult,” they added.

Lastly, the agency emphasized that they will continue to take legal action against malicious posts, including false rumors, insults, or sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hye debuted in 2016 as I.O.I, the project group of Produce 101. Now, she’s waiting for the release of her new horror movie GUIMOON: The Lightless Door. In February, a writer claimed that Kim So Hye was the perpetrator of school violence and that Kim forced her to kneel down by pulling her hair.


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