Seo Hyun Jin Showed Her Enthusiasm for Acting in Her Interview with ‘Vogue Korea’

Seo Hyun Jin You Are My Spring
Seo Hyun Jin You Are My Spring
Credit: Vogue Korea

Vogue Korea released the stunning pictorial of Seo Hyun Jin. She brought out the sophisticated yet relaxed charm that she has kept hidden all these years.

Seo Hyun Jin You Are My Spring
Credit: Vogue Korea

In the interview with the magazine, Seo Hyun Jin revealed why she decided to join the drama, You Are My Spring. “When I come across a writer who shares the same thoughts as mine, I tend to jump straight into their projects. I got the script when I was thinking, ‘How much does what I got from my parents affect me now?’ And, the caption that reads, ‘How far did you drift away from your seven-year-old inner child?’ drew me into the project.”

She also shared how she usually builds up her character. She explained, “I understand my character by reading the script or by having conversations with the writers. I try to stick with what’s there. But, knowing the inner pain of the character helps me a lot to get a grip on her more.”

Seo Hyun Jin You Are My Spring
Credit: Vogue Korea

When she was asked about what makes her the happiest at work, she answered, “Being on the film set makes me the happiest.” “I tend to chat a lot behind the scenes. In between the takes, we talk about how to take advantage of our days off. The whole process is such a wholesome experience.”

She continued, “I get to meet many people and take a deep look into the characters while shooting a drama. Having the job of an actor makes me have a good understanding of people,” commenting how acting makes her enriched and happy.


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