‘Kingdom: The Crown Prince’: ‘The Outlaws’ Director Kang Yoon Sung to Direct the Second ‘Kingdom’ Prequel

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The Outlaws director Kang Yoon Sung will direct the second prequel of the Kingdom series, Kingdom: The Crown Prince.

Director Kang brought a new paradigm to crime-actions by attracting a whooping 6.88 million moviegoers to his directorial debut film, The Outlaws. And this time, he’ll be taking over Kingdom’s second prequel. He has already started working on the pre-production and is set to begin filming later this year with Ju Ji Hoon.

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Kingdom: The Crown Prince is the second spin-off of the popular Netflix original series Kingdom that ignited the K-zombie syndrome. Following the success of the first two seasons, Netflix will unveil Kingdom: Ashin of the North later today.

The Kingdom series revolves around the struggle of the crown prince and his people against the zombies. This time, Kingdom: Ashin of the North will bring the story about the origin of the resurrection plant that started all the tragedy.

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The upcoming second prequel, Kingdom: The Crown Prince, will follow the royal prince Lee Shin and reveal his untold stories. It’ll paint out the past and the present of the prince, born as a son of a concubine, who gradually becomes a powerful monarch as he fearlessly fights zombies.


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