Lee Do Hyun Is Currently Studying Math for His New Drama ‘Melancholia’

lee do hyun drama
lee do hyun drama
Credit: Baeksang Arts Awards

Lee Do Hyun revealed that he had written down the phrase “the original intention” on his chatroom profile. This is so that he won’t forget his primary intention and wouldn’t be shaken up too much when good or bad things happen to him. Four years after his debut, he won the Best New Actor in TV Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. But his mindset and attitude had not changed at all from before he lifted the trophy. JTBC met with Lee Do Hyun for an interview.

lee do hyun drama
Credit: JTBC

Q1. How did you feel when your name was announced as the winner?

The other candidates showed great performances, so I was just glad to be invited, and I couldn’t even imagine it until they called my name. I was so flustered and confused. All the actors and directors that I admire were there. It was an honor to receive such recognition at the event.


Q2. What has changed since winning the Baeksang Award?

Instead of trying to change too much, I try to live in the flow of life. My father and mother even asked me if it ever made me happy. Of course, I’m happy. But I’m trying to keep that joy to myself. I feel like I might become �cocky as soon as I express that outwardly, so I’m always trying to be careful. I am doing my best to live my life while sticking to my first intention.

lee do hyun drama
Credit: KBS

Q3. ‘Youth of May‘ is your first traditional romance series. How was it? �

My emotions deepened over the course. The actors, director, and staff deeply understood one another. So even without planning things out, I was able to give a performance just by looking into the other actors’ eyes. The more I did it, the more I enjoyed acting because we got something raw, unexpected, and refreshing every time. We were able to work together and have fun while diving into the same state of emotion.


Q4. What’s your main interest these days?

My next project is Melancholia. It tells the story of a math teacher and a math genius in a private high school, a hotbed of corruption involving preferential treatment. Since it revolves around mathematics, I’m studying the subject so that I don’t look awkward when solving math problems or writing math symbols. I’m usually very shy, so I can’t start a conversation that easily. But Im Soo Jung took great care of me and helped me a lot to tune into this work. Now, I’m a bit more comfortable and can’t wait to perform. I hope this project excites the viewers.


Q5. What’s your future goal?

I have three years left in my 20s, and I want to work nonstop. I also want to greet you with a movie next year. I hope that I can become an actor who can be trusted like Song Kang Ho and Lee Byung Hun in the future. I will always try my best to show a better side of myself.


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