Kim Jong Kook Says He’ll Donate All Profits He Gained from His YouTube Channel

kim jong kook youtube
kim jong kook youtube
Credit: “Gym Jong Kook” YouTube

Kim Jong Kook announced his plan to donate all his YouTube profits.

Back on June 17th, Kim opened his personal YouTube channel. At the time, he shared, “I will try my best to make this a helpful and relatable channel with various contents.” Since then, he has been posting workout-related videos on the channel.

And today, Kim announced his decision to do a good deed via his YouTube community post. Below is the full article:

“Hello! This is ‘Gym Jong Kook’ Kim Jong Kook. Thank you all once again for your incredible interest and love and for giving me the strength to take on my new journey, which wasn’t easy.

Everyone! It’s nothing big… It’s actually a bit embarrassing, but… I’m going to donate all the profits generated from the 5 videos uploaded this month, excluding the production fees. (Because in the future, I don’t think this amount of views will come out easily.)

Since such results came out with the help of so many people, not just me, I thought that if the interest and love received can lead to good deeds, the positive influences of those who love exercising can be even more meaningful and shine brighter than ever!

Everyone who supported the ‘Gym Jong Kook’ channel participated in the donation, so I hope you feel rewarded and exercise more healthily! Thank you!”

kim jong kook youtube
Credit: “Gym Jong Kook” YouTube

Kim garnered 1.9 million subscribers (as of July 21st) within a month of launching the channel. And the five videos uploaded on the channel all have 3.14 million to 12.55 million views. His Running Man castmates HaHa and Ji Seok Jin showed jealousy towards Kim’s fast-growing channel, giving a big laugh.


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