‘Nevertheless’ Fails to Live Up to the Expectation Recording Declining Ratings

netflix Nevertheless
netflix Nevertheless
Credit: JTBC

Nevertheless is failing to live up to its hype. The drama amassed hot attention at the news of its release for starring the two rising celebrities, Song Kang and Han So Hee. Unfortunately, it appears that they have yet to live up to expectations.

According to the viewership rating website Nielson Korea, the fourth episode of Nevertheless, which aired on July 10th, recorded a rating of 1.7 percent.

The series garnered plenty of attention before its release. Starring two gorgeous actors, the TV show made headlines with the hottest casts. Plus, it was supposed to be a guaranteed hit because it is based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

netflix Nevertheless
Credit: JTBC

Many reasons may have attributed to the low ratings of Nevertheless. First of all, it is and was quite far from being a family-friendly show. Yoo Na Bi is attracted to Park Jae Eon even though she knows he has many ongoing relationships with other women. So, despite the fact, she fails to end the relationship and spends a night with him. These provocative settings may have played a part in the declining ratings. However, the series is surprisingly doing good on OTT services like Netflix and TVING.

The second reason could be poor acting. Previously, Song Kang received mixed responses for his acting abilities. The awkward touch and inaccurate pronunciation halved the character’s charm. And the deeper as his relationship with Yoo Na Bi gets, the clearer we see the problem.

The viewers pointed out that the excessive use of narration also got in the way. Because the monologue always tells what the character’s innermost thoughts are to the viewers, it takes away the opportunity for the audience to take in the story by themselves. In addition, the bland presentation of the sexual tension between the characters made a rather frustrating overall vibe of the drama.

In the fourth episode of Nevertheless, Yang Do Hyuk (Chae Jong Hyeop) made his first appearance, signaling a love triangle. The series has been receiving negative feedback so far except for the fact that it stars hot actors. Will there still be room for a potential rating breakthrough?


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  • This post is absolutely rubbish, to me song Kang acting is superb. Why do you guys keep criticizing him? Am so frustrated to the core, how his acting awkward.


    • I agree. Song Kang is a great actor. He is very believable in this drama. He keeps the mystery of who he is and his relationships that you want to know more about the character.

  • I look forward to “Nevertheless” each week. The sexual tension is enticing. Actor Song Kang is fascinating to watch. Waiting a week betwwen episodes to see the story develop is difficult. This is a great summer drama. Extremely enjoyable. Love it.

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