MONSTA X’s Shownu Announces He Will Be Enlisting in the Military Later This Month


MONSTA X’s Shownu will begin his mandatory military service on July 22nd.

Credit: Shownu Instagram

On July 10th, Shownu personally told Monbebe (MONSTA X fandom) that he would be enlisting this month. He left the following letter on the official fan cafe.

“Hello, how are you guys?

This is MONSTA X’s Shownu.

I will be taking a brief hiatus starting July 22nd for my military duty. It feels like I made my debut just yesterday, but now it’s already time to serve in the military.

Well, I’ve worked hard up until now, and it’s been both fun and tiring. I’ve been spending meaningful and valuable time with the members and fans all along. The support and love that I received from the fans during that time aren’t something people can so easily give to each other. Sometimes I thought that was a natural thing, but I realized that isn’t the case.

Thank you for letting me experience so many things with MONSTA X. I will repay them as much as possible, so I hope you continue to have a good time with MONSTA X and Shownu. Thank you so much for letting me realize that every day is a day I can live anew.

The life I’m living now. The path I chose could have been worse than my previous path, or it could have been better, or it could have been just ridiculous, but I just don’t know.

I’m just thankful, appreciative, full of love, a bit upset, and sad. Isn’t life about feelings all those things? Regardless of whether I’m living a good or bad life, I think I’m just a happy person.

I guess I am sort of nervous since I started talking about life because I won’t promote for a little bit. Anyway, thank you and stay happy and healthy.

Letters should end abruptly, right? Love you always. Yes, I love you, and let’s meet again soon.”

Prior to MONSTA X’s comeback two months ago, Shownu halted his promotion due to his health issues. The artist had been diagnosed with retinal detachment in his left eye. And in May, Shownu had started feeling pain in his eye after being exposed to bright lights during MONSTA X’s comeback preparations.


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