Netflix Drops the Behind-the-Scenes Photos of ‘The 8th Night’

netflix The 8th Night
netflix The 8th Night
Credit: Netflix

Netflix released the behind-the-scene stills of the movie The 8th Night.

The released photos gave a full glance of Lee Sung Min, Park Hae Joon, Kim Yoo Jung, Nam Da Reum, and Kim Dong Young.

netflix The 8th Night
Credit: Netflix

Since each character has a unique background story, it was vital for them to depict the characters’ state of mind within the film. So, in the released pictures, they were seen full of passion as they check the storyboard and footage. Furthermore, even though the shooting took place on a tense set, all the cast were warm and welcoming.

netflix The 8th Night
Credit: Netflix

The 8th Night is a mystery thriller film released on July 2nd. It begins with a story of Buddha 2500 years ago. Once upon a time, Buddha separated and locked a ‘thing that shall not be unbounded’ into the Red and the Black because it tried to open the hell to bring pain and suffering into the world. The film goes beyond giving the entertainment within the genre and provides an ‘enlightenment’ that breaks agony and anxiety inside our minds. It is an impressive work with an attempt to deliver profound questions and messages.


Source: Netflix

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