How Han So Hee Fell for Song Kang in ‘Nevertheless’

drama Nevertheless
drama Nevertheless
Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s Nevertheless has lit the fire on the deadly romance of Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) and Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee).

Yoo Na Bi’s complicated emotions as she fell for the man she knows she shouldn’t have gained much sympathy. Even when you get excited with her, you want to stop her from breaking her own heart. Let’s look into Yoo Na Bi’s complicated feelings towards Park Jae Eon.

Yoo’s ex was an instructor at an art academy. Swayed by his words and actions, she never realized that something had gone wrong. However, the moment he locked her up inside a sculpture, she finally realized what’s wrong. But she overlooked that her fantasies were even faster. She wished not to be swayed by love, but she still believed or wanted to believe in fate. And Park Jae Eon, who showed up in her life out of nowhere, felt like a meant-to-be. Naturally, she fell hard. She kept thinking about him, hovered around him, and focused all her attention on him. Even when she wondered if everything was just an illusion, Park’s attitude that somehow assured her shook her up again. In front of love, Yoo’s life became a mess, but her fantasy grew stronger.

Yet, another “butterfly” she encountered around that time pushed her out of such fantasies. The butterfly drawn on the wrist of a woman who acted all friendly to Park looked just like Yoo’s. Park only considered that woman as “a girl I used to know once.” However, to Yoo, she was like the mirror that shows what’ll happen to her once Park leaves her. Therefore, she started pushing him away. But that only lasted for a second. With Park’s smile and phone call, Yoo tore down then rebuilt the wall over and over again. And we all know that everyone has experienced it at least once.

Yoo and Park had plenty of chances to share a kiss. Yoo chose to look away most of the time, but not when they were standing under the cherry blossom tree on the campus. At that time, Yoo was convinced that she and Park felt the same way. To some people, kissing was nothing more than a “game.” But to Yoo, who still hasn’t let go of her belief in love, it was an “important proof.” So even if she was mistaken, she wanted to kiss him only when she was entirely “sure.” However, when she saw Park kissing another girl, she threw away her belief and kissed him as she pleased. Yoo realized that she could never have him as her own. So even knowing that the lipstick on Park’s lips belonged to another girl, she kissed him anyway.


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