‘Monthly Magazine Home’: Who Will Confess First? Jung So Min or Kim Ji Seok?

kdrama Monthly Magazine Home
kdrama Monthly Magazine Home
Credit: JTBC

Who will be the first one to cave in for their feelings? Jung So Min and Kim Ji Seok? This question from Monthly Magazine Home started a pleasant debate among viewers. In JTBC’s Monthly Magazine Home, Na Young Won (Jung So Min) and Yoo Ja Sung (Kim Ji Seok) have an employee-employer and landlord-tenant relationship. Their relationship, which first started on the wrong foot, is slowly blooming while going through several incidents. In the latest trailer, Ja Sung was seen getting an unexpected compliment from Young Won, raising expectations.


Jung So Min Will Be the First One

Jung So Min Monthly Magazine Home
Credit: JTBC

The relationship between the two began when Ja Sung, the new landlord, cold-heartedly kicked out Young Won, who had been scammed of her deposit. A similar thing happened when Ja Sung got hired in Monthly House and reunited with Ja Sung. To Young Won, Ja Sung was nothing more than a cold-blooded moneygrubber who forced her to write articles that could make money. But then Ja Sung saved Young Won from the landlord’s son, who trespassed on her house, and accompanied her to the police station. He even let her stay in one of the studios he owns without paying a security deposit. Like that, their relationship started to show signs of change. In particular, while Young Won was working overtime to research her data with her co-workers, bookshelves were knocked over. And Ja Sung threw his body to protect her. In episode 3, Young Won asked Ja Sung a question while drunk, “You like me, don’t you?” Some say that this question actually shows her feelings towards him that she doesn’t even realize yet.


Kim Ji Seok Will Be the First One

Kim Ji Seok Monthly Magazine Home
Credit: JTBC

Ja Sung, CEO of Monthly House Magazine, is a wealthy man worth millions of dollars. To him, Young Won was nothing more than a pathetic person who lost her money to a con. But after reading what Young Won posted on an online community, he learned about her struggling past that forced her to do whatever it takes for money. Seeing how her life overlaps with his past, Ja Sung felt a strange affinity to her. So he started helping her raise some seed money. When Young Won found herself in an awkward situation of having to treat her co-workers to dinner and coffee, Ja Sung stepped up. He bought coffee for everyone and came up with some excuse to make them work overtime. When Young Won asked him the question, he shouted, “I helped you like I help the needy.” He even told her to “get a grip,” but he started paying keen attention to Young Won from a certain point. He has lived his life strictly to the plan so he would never waste money, time, or emotions. But in front of Young Won, he is wasting plenty without realizing it. That’s why viewers are saying, “If he started paying attention, then that means he’s already falling for her.”


At the same time, some are saying that “love has already blossomed in their hearts.” Since they have already begun to be influenced by each other, the romance will burst out as soon as they realize their true feelings.


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